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Do You Struggle With Your Marketing?

  • Do your customers tell you they can’t find you online?
  • Are you getting online reviews on a weekly basis?
  • Does your marketing feel complicated?
  • Does your competitor’s website look better than yours?
  • Did your last marketing effort sink?
  • Are people not engaging with the content you create?

You Are 3 Steps Away From Reaching More Customers


RebelFish Local Works For B2B and B2C Companies

Local Businesses Owners

If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to start with a strong foundation of getting found on Google, building your email list, and marketing your online reviews.

Marketing Managers for Local Business

We will work alongside your existing team to fill in the gaps in your marketing campaigns and get results with digital advertising, social media, and clarifying your message on your website.

Church Communication Departments

If you want to get more podcast downloads, connect more with your local community, or have a better system for your interns we can help you.

"They have a real dedication to their craft and are extremely prompt in delivering results."
Dr. Bonnie Fischer
AlignSD Wellness, San Diego

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Online reviews give you credibility and being found on Google gives you the authority in your city.

Confused People Do Nothing

Using the StoryBrand framework, we’ll help you understand your audience and create a clear message with all your digital marketing.

Reach Your Audience

From online advertising to email marketing and social media we’ll create and implement a successful Marketing Strategy.

Listen to some success stories of people like you.

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How RebelFish Local can help you reach your audience?

Whether you want to be found on page one of Google or you need more weekly reviews, the RebelFish Local 5-Step Process will get you where you want to go.

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RebelFish Local has become one of the most trusted names in San Diego for marketing. Created by husband and wife team, Robert and Liz Cortes. RebelFish Local helps dozens of local businesses and churches reach more people and grow their audience. And the results are incredible. Many businesses have reported dramatic increases in revenue while spending the same or less on their marketing.

RebelFish Local is also passionate about helping local businesses do good in their community. We provide assistance for starting a community outreach program that utilizes your resources in a creative way. One of our clients donated over two tons of gently used clothing that was left at their laundromats that cost them nothing. We connected them with a local non-profit and facilitated the pickup/dropoff of clothes that were distributed to families in need in their neighborhood.


What People Are Saying About RebelFish Local

RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.
RebelFish Local did an SEO audit of my website and gave me 10 steps to optimize my SEO. The goal was to get me to rank as a StoryBrand Certified Guide in my local area. On the initial audit, I was ranking between 15 and 90 on Google for my target keywords. I made the changes in a day. I started to rank in the TOP 5 search results on THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!! Robert at RebelFish said that he wasn’t shocked, but he was surprised that Google rewarded my efforts so quickly. Well, I’m shocked. 5 Stars for RebelFish Local. These guys know their stuff.
,Jun 12, 2019
RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.
Robert & Liz are amazing!
,Sep 11, 2019
RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.
We struggled with how our brand message was being seen on our website vs. the fantastic experience our disabled kid campers had each summer. We hired RebelFish Local to help our marketing team migrate our website to WordPress and reduce any confusion when a donor visits us. They did a FANTASTIC JOB. Very easy to work with. Reliable and completed the project before the project deadline. The story of our brand is recognized instantly with our new website. Additionally, they optimized our website for SEO has produced results already. We are delighted and HIGHLY RECOMMEND RebelFish Local. Sincerely Stephen J. Wampler www.stephenjwamplerfoundation.org
,May 23, 2019
RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.
I love the fact I can see all of my data in real time from multiple sites and it also allows me to engage with the unhappy customers to help deal with whatever issues they have and to also reward the happy customers and thank them for their review. Also being able to share these comments is an ultimate tool within the channel to help get the word out there about your company
,Aug 31, 2017
RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.
Great people and great service!
,May 14, 2019
RebelFish Local, Inc. RebelFish Local, Inc.

Want Help In These Areas?

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Local SEO
  • Get Reviews
  • Website Development
  • Podcasting
  • Branding
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Community Outreach
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Funnel Creation

Robert & Liz are StoryBrand Certified Guides

What does that mean?

It means we’ve spent time learning a storytelling plan that helps you create a marketing message that works. It’s called StoryBrand, and it’s helped thousands of companies of all sizes create enormous clarity in their marketing, sales, and every other facet of their company. And what happens? Leads increase, revenue grows, and businesses exceed their goals.

What People Are Saying About The RebelFish Local 5 Step Process

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Are You Responding To Your Online Reviews?

Responding to reviews helps with your visibility on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Become a 5-star practice with this free resource. This guide will help you:

  • Create a plan of action
  • How to respond to positive reviews
  • How to respond to negative reviews
  • Know when NOT to respond
  • Get a response cheat sheet