5 Organic SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Is your online business slumping because traffic to your site is slowing down?

Well, you have two options. You can either use PPC or invest in organic search engine optimizations strategies. The former costs money (you pay every time a person clicks on the ad) and the latter don’t necessarily cost a dime.

In this article, we’re sharing organic SEO tips you should use to give your site a consistent flow of high traffic.

1. Adopt a Responsive Site Design

As of November 2016, there was an almost even split between desktop web searches (48.7 percent) and mobile web searches (51.3 percent).

Even though SEO experts expect mobile search to keep expanding its lead, right now you have to make your site accessible to both desktop and mobile internet users.

How do you do this? Create different sites for both types of users?

The answer is simple. Make your site responsive. This means it will adapt its display and functionality depending on the screen size of the user’s device.

Ultimately, this ensures you don’t have to miss out on any traffic because your site is not properly accessible to some users.

Plus, a responsive design is one of the many ranking factors Google uses to rank sites.

2. Get Fresh, Informative, Entertaining and Relevant Content

When was the last time you uploaded a new blog post to your site?

If you’re taking a few seconds to think about the answer, then you probably know why your site’s traffic declined in the first place.

Content drives traffic. And not just any other content. Informative and entertaining content that leaves your readers looking for more!

Perhaps you’re saying: “Okay, content is not a problem. I have been uploading quality content week in week out but traffic is not increasing.”

Your content is probably lacking relevancy.

You need to identify the kind of content that excites your audience. If your audience is crazy for memes, you’ll do your site a great service by infusing funny memes into your posts!

3. Strike the Right Keyword Density

Keywords are the heart of any effective SEO strategy.

As you write your content, keep in mind the keywords you want to rank for. Online tools like Keyword Tool will help you find keywords that are most relevant to your product or service.

After identifying these keywords, sprinkle them sparingly throughout your content. Overstuffing keywords (using them in an unnatural way) will prompt search engines to identify your site as spam.

4. Get Image SEO Spot On

Sure, Google cannot see images, but it can read the caption.

As such, the alt text you craft for your images should be relevant to your article and contain a keyword.

Proper alt text for your images is one of the most effective organic SEO tips and can give your site a traffic boost.

5. Utilize Social Media Platforms

Gone are the days you’d solely rely on search engines for sites.

Today, social media drives about 30 percent of the web’s referral traffic – a very big number to ignore.

Ensure you or your online business has an active presence on top social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Identify the social network where a huge chunk of your audience hangs out, and share regular content with links pointing to your site.

Besides, search engines also rely on social signals to rank sites. If your site is sending strong signals, it will rank highly.

Get Your Site Throbbing with These Organic SEO Tips

With these tips in your fingertips, you should be able to boost your site traffic.

But there could be one problem. If you don’t have the right SEO skills or are too busy running your online business, it might be difficult to make these tips work for you.

That is why you need help growing your site traffic organically. Let’s help you achieve that.


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