5 Reasons Why Online Brand Visibility Matters

Is your online business struggling to be found and attract customers, or have you been seeing your sales drop recently? If so, it’s probably time to take a step back and look at your online brand visibility.

Online brand visibility is how visible or high-ranking your website is when a user is looking for products/services related to your brand.

Your brand visibility is based on how well users are able to find you.

In the world today, it’s no longer acceptable to ignore your online presence and just focus on offline marketing.

The first place your customers are going is to search engines and if you aren’t existing in this world, your business will suffer the consequences.

A Google study showed us that 3 in 4 people found local search results helpful and were more likely to visit a store. As you see, brand visibility is where it all begins.

Here are the five reasons why brand visibility matters and more importantly, why you need to use it.

1. You experience more customers & more sales

The more you show up in relevant search results, the more traffic you will experience as a result.

When you focus on incorporating SEO strategies, link building, and showing up in online directories, Google will notice and reward you with a higher ranking.

Having a strong presence online will open your business up to new and existing customers of all shapes and sizes. As a result, your sales will reap the benefits.

2. You can gain valuable information on your audiences

The more brand visibility and presence you have can lead to quality information on your audiences.

When you focus on making your keywords specific to products or services people are searching for, analytics will pick up the people you are attracting.

You’ll be able to gain insights on your target audience, buying patterns, demographics, devices used, geographic location and much more.

This is your brand research done for you!

3. You become much more credible

More and more consumers are going to the internet first to look up reviews of your company before they make a decision.

88% of people will read online reviews in determining the quality of a business, so there’s no doubt about the importance of quality reviews.

By tracking your online reputation and keeping tabs on what is being said about your company, you’ll be able to monitor and respond to anything negative that is being said.

Positive reviews clearly equate to more trust and sales, so your brand visibility will make you much more credible.

4. You build your reputation through brand visibility

Besides monitoring your reviews, your brand reputation will also be built through consistent online visibility.

Say your customer goes online to check your location or obtain a phone number. When you show in search results and have consistent results across all platforms, your reputation will strengthen.

When you have clear branding and logos both offline and online this will also increase your brand visibility. It will ultimately lead to front-of-the-mind awareness.

5. You can surpass your competitors

Lastly, brand visibility will allow you to rank in front of your competitors and there’s no better feeling than that.

The more you focus on online presence, the better opportunity you have of grabbing sales from your competition.

When consumers search for a specific product or service they are looking for and see your website come up first, chances are much better for you.

When you begin to invest in building your brand visibility and your online reputation, you’ll begin to see thousands of new and existing customers.

In order for your business to succeed, you need ROI and it all starts with your brand visibility.

The ability to be seen online is your best asset, so never stop maintaining and building upon your brand visibility. Only great things will come up of it!

Does your business need a boost in its online brand visibility? At RebelFish we build your reputation through reviews and creating a strong digital presence. We have what it takes to separate you from the rest.


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