5 Things to Improve Your Brand Reputation That Aren’t Online Reviews

We tend to gravitate to online reviews as our go-to source of brand reputation. It makes sense considering it’s customers talking about our business. We use these online reviews to make customers happy. We want others to see their experience to entice their business.

Here’s the thing: We’re obsessive with online reviews.

To the point where we’re neglecting strategies we could use to improve our brand.

What are you getting at, you’re asking?

Online reviews aren’t the only source people seek when weighing your brand’s reputation. Here are five you need to start doing.

1. Create Content

It’s very unlikely your business is the only one in town. A fantastic way to build brand reputation and stand out is by providing stellar content — with a blog.


  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Workbooks

Do so through a combination of written posts and videos.

These content pieces are what people will find when shopping. The content positions the business as the local authority. People tend to do business with those they trust — content is the vehicle for this trust building.

2. Multi-Channel Participation

90% of consumers want a similar experience with the brand across multiple channels. If you’re placing all effort curating reviews then you’re not putting in time with other channels like Facebook, Twitter, and the blog.

Do this:

  1. Develop content for your blog
  2. Reuse snippets across social channels
  3. Engage in conversations

Starting from the blog establishes the intended message. Using social channels helps you spread it. It creates a seamless experience no matter where customers are coming from.

3. News Pieces

Do a Google search for your name and business.

What did you find?

A great business gets recognized by the community. Appearing on local news sites are positive signs for you (and your business). Negative pieces will turn away potential customers in an instant.

Squash negative news by promoting the positive. Have individuals write their positive experiences on blogs and news articles. Let those rise to the top. Or, contact news outlets for a featured piece.

4. Remarket

Ever been on a big site and saw a banner ad for a local company? You probably thought “wow, I didn’t know they were this well-known!”. That’s remarketing.

Remarketing increases brand reputation by association. A customer seeing your business tied to a well-known brand assumes you’re working with the third-party.

It also creates a point of contact to encourage them to complete their action (checking out). Remarketing is a cheap, effective way to combat the 69.23% average shopping cart abandonment rate.

5. Local Presence

It’s not only Yelp — it’s general searches, too!

Local searches present a mishmash of ads, maps, and search listings. If Yelp is your only presence then you’re risking everything. What happens if one, sour review comes through an drops your Yelp score? Not good.

This is why you need to expand your local presence with:

  • A website
  • Local listings
  • Search content
  • Social media

Doing so creates a platform you control. It eases the disastrous events that harm your brand reputation such as one ugly review. You control the message.

Ready to Own Your Brand Reputation?

Within a 5-mile radius are tens of thousands of potential customers. These are the very same people doing online searches for your business. Own this channel by expanding your local SEO — contact us to find out how we can help.


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