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We understand the frustration of wanting to increase your foot and website traffic without breaking the bank

If you’re like us, you've probably tried to improve your local search results.
It's likely crossed your mind countless times there’s got to be an easier way to secure a spot on Google's first page and attract more customers to your business.

SEO Marketing shouldn't be so hard.

At RebelFish, we get it.

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We have been where you are.

Drawing from their experience as successful serial small business entrepreneurs, Cuban-born Robert Cortes and his fitness influencer wife, Liz Cortes, joined forces after witnessing local businesses getting overshadowed online by larger companies with bigger budgets.

They knew the solution lived within the strategies and dynamics of local search engine optimization (SEO) combined with their deep experience in marketing their successful businesses, leading them to launch RebelFish Local.

Rebels With A Cause

On a Mission to Empower Your Business To Win

Over the past decade, we’ve been on a mission to relentlessly help hundreds of local businesses, like yours, become visible on Google, dominate their category online, and increase their revenue.

R = Relationships Matter

Give back in the communities where you do business.

E = Encouraging Stewardship

Use your time, talent, and treasure wisely.

B = Bold & Creative Strategies

Rebel and reinvent your marketing strategy.

E = Everyone Wins

We strive for not just a happy but successful client.

L = Lead With Value

Free video training, downloadables, podcasts, and calls.

Proven 5-Step Process Custom Tailored for You

You no longer have to turn off your marketing because “it’s not working” or fling money and a prayer at another SEO agency that over-promises results and under-delivers.

We apply our guaranteed 5-Step LOCAL process proven to work on any business who wants to claim their place on the first page of Google.

RebelFish easily explained how they could boost our local SEO and take advantage of opportunities with our on-site and off-site SEO that we were missing out on. They are great and easy to work with.

Within 2 months they took our site from #5 to #1 for local search!
Jeremy Keil
Keil Financial Partners

Why the Name RebelFish Local?

Everything we do in business is purposeful and strategic.
(Even our name.)


Jesus was not one to follow the crowd, always breaking the norms and doing things differently. Similarly, as white-hat marketers, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and succeed in multiple industries. From a laundromat to a med-spa, we continuously test strategies to find what works best.


In a time of persecution, a powerful act of unity emerged among Christians. It was a simple yet profound gesture—a line drawn in the sand, completed by another with the fish symbol. This secret code became a silent declaration, a way for followers of Jesus to recognize one another. It symbolized courage, faith, and unwavering devotion in the face of adversity.


We work with local business. Whether service-based or brick-and-mortar, you all have a physical location and want customers within a 5-10 mile radius while some in rural areas can go further out.

Frequent Questions Answered

You will see initial glimpses of local SEO success within a few months, with clearer benefits unfolding between 3 to 6 months. Real influence in local search takes about 6 to 12 months—good things come to those who wait! Patience and persistence are key, as local SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Most of our clients got screwed by their last agency. Learn more about our Google Audit Call it is the best way to ensure we are both a great fit for each other.

Yes, local SEO benefits are sustainable with monthly ongoing efforts. Regular updates to your website and Google Business Profile, continual content creation, and active reputation management are key. Staying adaptable to search engine algorithm changes and regularly monitoring performance with tools like Google Analytics and Search Console will help maintain and improve your long-term SEO success.
If you find yourself needing extra help, don’t worry—we’re here to support you! You can contact our team via Basecamp by ping, emailing, or shooting us a quick text.

Yes, our local SEO 5-step strategy encompasses a streamlined five-step process. We audit and optimize your key listings, like Google My Business, for accuracy and compliance. We then focus on increasing customer reviews and enhancing your website’s SEO with targeted keyword optimization. Finally, we boost your site’s authority through strategic link-building, creating content that attracts natural backlinks to improve your online visibility.
Many local businesses struggle to get found on Google. We’ve created a 5-step LOCAL process that helps drive more traffic to your website. As more people walk through your front door, you hear the sound of Cha-Ching as your business grows.

L = Local Listings
O = Optimize Google Business Profile
C = Customer Reviews
A = Accelerate Visibility Through Website SEO
L = Link Building Opportunities

Learn how we do our 5-Step LOCAL process for chiropractors in this blog.

There are many ranking factors of a bottleneck killing your hard-earned website traffic. Typically, you are being penalized by Google due to something your website team neglected. Most people blame Google for updating its algorithm frequently. Many new local businesses are coming to us frantically frustrated that their Google Business Profile was suspended. As Google moves more jobs to AI, suspensions will get worse. During month 1 for SEO services, we do an audit and get this all sorted out for you.
You should mix SEO and PPC—it’s like having a slow cooker and a microwave in your marketing kitchen! SEO slowly simmers your online presence to perfection over time, while PPC zaps quick traffic and visibility when you need it pronto. Together, they make sure you’re covered for both the feast and the snack, maximizing your online visibility and driving traffic from all angles.
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