online reputation

10 Ways to Build Online Reputation

Building your brand’s online reputation is one of the most important things you can do in today’s Internet-focused market. Here are ten steps that you can take to build your brand’s reputation and conquer the top spot on Google. 1. Sell Less, Say More Understandably, you might be a little baffled while we’re telling you […]

brand reputation management

5 Reasons Every Business Needs Brand Reputation Management

So, your company’s rocking sales, customer service, and ROI? Nice! You don’t need to worry about brand reputation management, right? Hold it right there! Did you know that 92% of consumers use reviews to make purchasing decisions? And 40 percent of consumers actually make buying decisions based on as few as three of those reviews? […]

brand development

Why Strong Brand Development is Critical for Your Business

Do you still think that “brand” refers only to the type of breakfast cereal your children prefer? If so, you need to read our primer on brand development, how it differs from marketing, and why it’s such an important component of your success. What Is Branding, Exactly? It’s not just a memorable logo, a catchy […]