Dental Video Marketing with Dr. Hernandez Pacific Beach Smile Studio San Diego

Dental Video Marketing – 5 Steps To Do It Yourself

Dental video marketing has become cheaper and easier to do yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an office manager, marketing manager, or practice owner keep reading. These are top social media platforms to post videos on; YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you still aren’t sure about dental video marketing, these stats changed my husband […]

get more reviews

How to Get More Customer Reviews on Google

More than ever, businesses rely on online reviews to attract new customers. But how can you get more reviews? Reviews are usually the first thing that consumers look at when browsing products on any site. And it’s the same when they search for businesses. It’s not just the rating that matters, but the number of […]

off-page seo

5 Off-Page SEO Techniques You Should Be Using

There’s more to search engine optimization (SEO) than just keyword optimization. There are various other factors that play a role in the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. For instance, you have to engage in off-page SEO to give your ranking and traffic a boost. Altogether, there are three areas you want to focus on: brand, […]

dental SEO

5 Dental SEO Tips Your Practice Needs to Know About

To be sure that your dental clinic is able to keep putting smiles on people’s faces, you’ll need to manage your search engine optimization practices. The way you handle dental SEO can be the difference between having a site that is booming and responsive to Google, and one that just kind of squeaks by. To […]

display remarketing

5 Display Remarketing Techniques to Try

Surely this has happened to you countless times – you visit a website, search through the products, and even place a few in your cart. Then you leave without paying. From this point on, you begin to see ads featuring the very items you had in your cart on just about every site you visit. […]

local seo services

Why You Need to Consider Local SEO Services

“Think big.” “Dream big.” “Go big or go home.” These are all common phrases that get thrown around in the business world. But, when it comes to local businesses, in order to think big, you first need to think small. And by thinking small we mean you need to focus on your local buyers. One […]

brand reputation

5 Things to Improve Your Brand Reputation That Aren’t Online Reviews

We tend to gravitate to online reviews as our go-to source of brand reputation. It makes sense considering it’s customers talking about our business. We use these online reviews to make customers happy. We want others to see their experience to entice their business. Here’s the thing: We’re obsessive with online reviews. To the point […]

mobile website develoment

Why a Mobile Website is Key for Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business without mobile website development, you’re missing out. Whether you’re selling a service or a product, a mobile website could impact your business. When you consider building a website, you should be thinking about two websites. You should be developing one for desktop viewers and one for mobile users. Mobile-ready […]

get more yelp reviews

How to Get More Yelp Reviews That Will Help Your Business

For any new business, online reviews may seem both baffling and difficult to control. But the reality of the modern day is that customers rely heavily on online reviews when making buying decisions. Studies show that 90% of American consumers report that they read reviews before making a purchase decision. On the bright side, online […]

what is remarketing

What is Remarketing and How Can it Help Your Business?

It’s totally normal to feel confused by marketing strategies. Sometimes, even the best efforts do not lead to high pay-offs. Learning how to remarket your business to existing clients will improve growth over time. What is remarketing and how can you accomplish it for your business? Read on to discover how you can help your […]

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