Top 10 Things To Generate Revenue From Your Website PART 2

Generate revenue from your website with these 10 things. Right now you have the time and can checkoff these to-dos before you open your doors again this spring. I know it’s been rough these past 3 weeks working remotely, waiting to get a loan so you can pay your employees, and dealing with the emotions […]

Top 10 Things To Do Right Now Make Money From Your Website PART 1

Make money from your website, local business owners! Today I want to share with you a 2-page website checklist on how to keep your small business stable in the time of the pandemic and turn the current economic situation in your favor (while helping people). You can make money from your website and it isn’t […]

The Unconventional Guide For Writing Copy For Websites

When it comes to writing copy for websites, follow this unconventional guide for your local business. Think back to the first website or blog you threw up online. Most likely you hired someone or bought an online course that taught you how to set up WordPress yourself. In 2020, you have to be more strategic […]