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It's Time To Spin That Baby!

No expecting mother wants her baby come out feet first and ready to run. Dr. Fischer of Align SD Wellness is an expert “pregnancy chiropractor” to help those rebel babies turn in right direction so the mother and baby have the best birth experience with the least amount of pain and to avoid birth defects associate with breech babies.

She hired us when she was a solo practitioner to help increase her overall visibility on Google. And as more and more women found her business on Google within a few years she launched her very own wellness center hired other practitioners and expanding her practice. We love that we are a small part of her success and today locally she is ranked in the top 3 for her area of expertise.

We were tasked with creating a local strategy to reach more pregnant women and women in general that needed chiropractic care and other services. The practice ranks for over 25+ keywords around their specialty in San Diego helping drive new traffic to their website.





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