Any Other Factors Lead To Higher Ranking In Google’s Search Engine?

To rank successfully on the first page of Google for your industry top keywords and maintain it for the long haul requires both a great local SEO agency, but is in combination with the business having a culture of customer service that rivals the competition. There are only 10 organic positions and 3 Google Maps positions, so there are only 13 spaces on page one of Google for any given keyword or search phrase. It is safe to say your competition wants to be on page one as well.

There are some determining factors to gain a successful ranking:
• The number of citations across different websites
• The number of reviews on Google My Business (and other sites)
• Is your website SEO friendly and is your GMB claimed & verified

Google takes into account a combination of the above factors, including backlinks to your website (other websites such as social media, news, other businesses linking to your website) to help determine your business’s ranking in the search engines. Perhaps the most obvious factor that carries the most weight is the number of positive reviews your business has on Google My Business and other review websites. If you want to know what sites you have reviews on currently, now this is a basic audit, we do an in-depth audit to find every possible site you are reviewed on or could be reviewed on for your industry. Do a search on Google for the name of your company + city and scan the first page or two and if you see stars under your name it is probably a review website like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, Yellow pages or a specific review site for your profession like Vitals which only reviews doctors.


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