Local SEO

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” You may wonder what does that have to do with getting found?

If you’re not visible on Google then you don’t exist. Google is responsible for nearly 90% of online, mobile and organic search traffic worldwide which leaves Bing and Yahoo in its dust cloud.

The problem is most business owners are standing on the shore wondering where all the fish are or why are the fish going to your competitor down the street. Then some business owners start to think “am I using the right bait, the right fishing pole” or even if they are in the right pond?

That’s where we come in to make you more visible on Google so the fish aka customers can find you. In today’s fast changing market the customers are finding you vs. you finding them. You remember back in the early 2000s when BlockBuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix, but didn’t and failed to see the trends of mail order and video-on-demand services and later went bankrupt. The trends for local visibility, authority and gathering and marketing reviews is here, whether you take advantage of it or not.

We can get your local business, franchise or multi-location units more visibility, more reviews and get found in Google search for your industry. We do 90% of the work and we will walk you through the 10% that we simply can’t do for you.

How we help you get found on Google


There are several steps we use for getting your business locally visible in Google.

We list your business on 25 to 40 important sites like Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com, AngieList.com and others. If you’re already listed on some, we will fix your listings. This is the most labor intensive step. We also audit your competitor and what websites they are listed on and looks for sites that have high authority to your specific industry or regional and list you on those as well.

We optimize your business Google Places page. We make sure your basic information called NAP (Name, Address and Phone) are formatted properly. We will choose the right categories for your business. This part is pretty easy, but there are many ways to get penalized by Google by filling out your listing incorrectly, a big part of what we do is make sure your page complies with Google’s guidelines to avoid being penalized. Furthermore we fix subtle problems and crafty bugs like duplicate Google pages that hurt your ranking.

We help you get more reviews from your customers by setting up a custom email campaign and connecting bi-directionally with your CRM, social media sites, help desk ticketing system and email system to capture testimonials and reviews. We monitor all your business listings and review sites for instant alert and reports. We share all your positive reviews out to social media sites and so much more like real time streaming of your 4 and 5 star reviews to your website and facebook page. We set up your staff with an easy invite dashboard to invite customers to review via text or email, we put the power of reviews back in your hands.

We tune up your website to maximize your local visibility because getting visible in Google for local businesses requires some classic on page SEO tactics. All website are not created equal so we level the playing field because the quality of your website has become important to Google for local ranking in the past few years. We can do it for you or we can tell your webmaster precisely what to do and fix on your website.

We research link opportunities! You can earn links in different places with not much effort, but this step does take your involvement, but we do the hard part which is finding specific link opportunities.


I have helped many local business owners get visible and found. I can probably help you too. Please fill out my questionnaire and I will let know how I can help.

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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions relating to our local services.

  • Is this a long-term commitment?

    We offer both month-­to-­month and long term contracts. Long-term contracts provide greater discounts off monthly or setup fees. Contact us for details.

  • What sites can I track with RebelFIsh Local?

    Our platform tracks reviews on over 500 major review sites and the numbers increase every week. We only encourage the sharing of real reviews from real customers.

  • What if my company has multiple locations?

    RebelFish Local’s platform works with up to 50,000 locations with an infinite number of sub-­accounts for global, national, regional, and local access.

  • Who benefits from using RebelFish Local?

    RebelFish Local is for any local merchant previously listed in the yellow pages. This works for brick and mortar locations as well as home based business that services others (carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, yogurt shops etc.).

  • Who is RebelFIsh Local not idea for?

    Individual products (i.e. beef jerky, hoverboards that catch fire or specific electronics) sold in many local stores would not be a fit, nor are single websites without a location(s).

  • What help do you provide in setting me up?

    Your dedicated Project Manager will help you setup and configure your account, custom website, and Customer Portal. They will also provide consultation on how best to monitor, collect and amplify reviews on the sites that matter most to your business.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), PayPal, checks, and wire transfers.

  • When I sign up, what happens next?

    Upon signing up, we’ll schedule a training session with your dedicated Project Manager who will walk you through an optimal setup and answer any question you have.

  • May I speak to a member of your team for further consultation?

    Of course! We’re available every business day to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to call us at 619­-800­-5320 or email us at info@rebelfishlocal.com