How would it feel to walk into your next company meeting and have analytics and reports that are directly tied your customer’s feedback and reviews of all your locations whether local, regional or national? Learn how to take control of your brand’s reputation

As a multi-location business owner, you have a lot going on, and logging on to check all of your locations’ individual reviews is not the best use of your valuable time. There is an easier way to maintain good location performance management. With RebelFish Local’s review management and marketing tool for multi-location business owners and managers of chains can monitor customer reviews on over 500 review sites quickly and easily, so you will always know where your brand’s reputation stands. This easy-to-use multi-location reputation management and marketing tool helps owners of (restaurants, hospitals, gyms etc.) keep a close eye on the performance of their businesses, making sure that your brand standards of quality and customer service are met and exceeded on every visit. This is brand management at its best, comprehensive reporting, instant alerts and analytics and always current and up to date.

One of the cornerstone benefits of RebelFish Local’s tools for managing multiple locations is that it is highly customizable. Business owners / managers can configure the programs to provide reports on all, some, or just one location. Our system is scalable up to 50,000 locations, making it ideal for local or national multi-location or chain management. Everyone from 1000s of stores or just a few stores can use the system to monitor reviews and quickly handle any negative experiences that customers may have. Don’t leave your brand’s reputation to chance. Get the monitoring system that keeps you fully informed and instantly updated.

RebelFish Local Inc. provides multi-location business owners with the ability to track reviews over time, allowing you to see trends and to take corrective action where needed. You can use the business owner reviews tool to drill down to read individual reviews, allowing you to get first-hand accounts of how your sites are or are not meeting the brand’s expectations. For brand management and marketing done right, contact us at RebelFish Local Inc.


We knew if we wanted to set the bar for the laundromat industry. We would need an online marketing agency that could look at our multi-location business and create a roadmap, a foundation that was looking at the future not just the next couple of months. We got solutions delivered like a sniper instead of the typical shotgun approach. We did not have time for fluff just straight answer and straight solutions and that is why we chose RebelFish Local to handle our online reputation development and marketing. We also found them to be deeply involved in community outreach to serve the poor and homeless. We were hungry to help and wanted to get involved and impact the communities where we operate our facilities.

Robert L., VP of Operations Laundromat Chain