What Do You Do During A RebelFish Google Audit Call?

If your local business isn’t showing up on Google 3-pack, a Google audit call will help. We have what you need to establish your business as a solid online presence for your local area. So many local businesses aren’t on Google Maps 3-pack. Others are writing blogs, but no one is reading them. 


What do you do during a RebelFish Google audit call?


I think we can all agree that in order to take proper direction, you must first know where you’re starting, right? So, when we do a Google audit call, we determine your current online presence. 


Our audit calls are 30 minutes long. Each client is different, but what we cover with all of them is the following:


I’ll review your current website and local SEO strategy (or suggest one). I’ll typically zero in on three problems I identify as affecting your overall website performance, and then I’ll offer solutions that we offer for those issues. Many times, more than a few issues affect a website’s performance, thereby, its business. However, I’ve found that zeroing in on no more than a few is better than overwhelming a business owner. 


google audit call

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Like everything, taking care of the most important things first is important, and then the focus can switch to other issues. Some of the things I am looking to see are:


  • Issues on SERP page (Search Engine Results Page) – This is when we Google the business name and city and look for reviews.
  • Determine if there are title tags on the website. Are they accurate?
  • Is the website SEO optimized? 
  • Examine overall domain authority.
  • Look to see what keywords the website is ranking for.
  • I’ll show the paid tools we use for SEO.
  • Comparison of domain authority of their website vs. competitor website(s).
  • Solutions our packages offer that solve the problems they’re having.

We focus on making the training and the education portion no more than 15 minutes. This time is primarily to paint the gap between where a client is and where they could be as it relates to their competitors. 

What happens after the audit?

In order for your business to establish a solid foundation and attract ideal clients, you must know where you are. It’s like being in a mall and knowing you need a specific store, but you’re not sure which direction to head after parking your car and entering one of the many entrances. You have to know your starting point. We help you target that big red ‘X’ on the map. 

Once a client starts working with us, we begin the in-depth audit during the first six weeks. This is when we delve further into the issues we discovered during the initial audit and identify additional issues that need to be addressed. 


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We know you’re probably wondering how long things will take once you’ve started the process…

How long will it take to begin ranking?

The answer to this question can be a bit irritating… We wish it were as simple as promising as 30 days, but that’s not the case. The answer is it depends. There are so many factors that influence Google and the ranking process. The algorithm changes constantly. Your competitors may be upping their game regularly, depending on the time you’ve been in business, there may be many issues that need cleaning up, etc. So, it depends. 



RebelFish Local has been doing this for over 8 years, and we have an excellent track record. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners optimize their websites and grow their businesses. Our clients are always pleased with the increase in their businesses and occasionally have been so successful it almost feels like too much too fast. When this happens, they wonder about when it may be a good time to stop doing local SEO


Schedule a call with us today, and we’ll get you on your way to quality SEO and optimization so that you can stop worrying about poor rankings and start winning the business of your ideal customers. 




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