How To Do SEO For Chiropractors? 5 Steps

When it comes to how to do SEO for chiropractors, you have to be clear about communicating your specialty. Most medical practices try to help everyone and as a result, they don’t attract anyone. Learn our LOCAL 5 step process for how to do SEO for Chiropractors. 


5 Steps How To Do SEO For Chiropractors:

  1. Local Listings 
  2. Optimize Google My Business Profile
  3. Customer Reviews 
  4. Accelerate Visibility Through Website SEO
  5. Link Building Opportunities


It can be confusing when trying to navigate review sites, how to do website SEO, and getting other websites to talk about your chiropractic services.  We are here to help! Keep reading. 

Local Listings

If you were a chiropractor in the 1990’s you would have likely advertised in the local yellow pages or newspaper. That’s where you would have let people know you existed and if there was any type of deal you had for them to take advantage of. While those avenues can still offer some value, when is the last time you even saw a phonebook? Now all of the value that exists in each of these options is now available at our fingertips. 


You want customers to know you exist and you want them to want to come to you! 


Yelp, HealthGrades, and USA Chiropractor are all examples of where you may want to think about listing your business information. Search for your business name and reviews. You’ll see a list of the local listings you are already on. Where are your competitors listing their information? You may want to follow suit. Just do a better job than they do! 


Optimize Google My Business Profile

According to pewresearch, the vast majority of Americans (96%), now own a cellphone of some kind. The number of Americans that own a smartphone is now 81%, which is up from their first study done in 2011 that had that number at 35%.  


What this means for a chiropractor trying to gain local business is that you better have a web presence that leads customers straight to your door. 


Things to be sure to include in order to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile:

  • Business Name/Title
  • Address
  • Phone Number 
  • Other Contact Info – email, etc.
  • Website URL
  • Category – type of business
  • Description – specialty
  • Tagline – not totally necessary if you don’t have one
  • Social Media Profiles 
  • Certification & License Information
  • Accepted Payment Forms


If you don’t see your business on Google Maps AKA GMB. Head to RebelFishLOCAL  for our step-by-step process to add your business to Google Maps.

So far you may be feeling bored out of your mind. I know the previous steps seem dull and redundant. Stick with me, I promise the fun is coming. 

Customer Reviews

Be sure to make sure all your information is up to date and correct on any platform that is used in order to review your practice. 


When you get a positive review it’s always nice to reply to the person who left it with a thank you, letting them know you appreciate that they took the time. 


It’s a great idea to have a standard reply for negative reviews prepared for when this happens. If you’re in business for any amount of time it’s likely you’ll have to deal with this kind of thing. Having a prepared standard reply helps to keep your emotions from getting involved and making things worse. Every situation is different so remember that you can always tweak your reply in order to make it more customized. 


Are you ready for the fun stuff? These next steps are the ones that any business owner can have fun with. My very favorite is the last one under blogging. 

Accelerate Visibility Through Website SEO

The next several items are ways that you can use to generate more leads and consequently drive up sales. 


  1. Blogging

Once your website is set up with all the proper and accurate information on all necessary pages, it’s time to have some creative fun. While you still need to be cognizant of the ‘techie’ type things like keywords, key phrases, and other boring SEO stuff, you can start to write blogs that lead readers back to your site. You can write about pretty much anything! It should relate somehow to your product and services, of course, but as long as you’re being relatable to humans, the sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned. Get to writing! 


  1. IG → blog

Again, this is where you can have some fun! Use your stories!! The sky’s the limit here too. Post images to your feed once or more a day in order to grow your reach and build your audience. 


You can get as creative as you want. Take polls, hold contests and giveaways, ask questions, host live Q&As. These are great ways to get to know your audience and customers personally. You can find out exactly what they’re looking for in your products and services. What are the specific problems for which they need solutions? Be their problem solver. 


Be sure to give from your IG posts and stories to your blog & website. Remember the point is to drive them toward you and the products and services you’re offering. 

Curious about how your website stands out compared to your competitors’? We’d love to help you figure this out! Schedule a call with us today, and we’ll figure it out together.


how to do SEO for chiropractors


Link Building Opportunities


1. Guest blogger

Find bloggers that are blogging about things related to your industry. Be sure you find those who are relatable. Of course, it’s great if you can find blogs that already have a great following but be sure not to automatically discount those who don’t yet have one. Part of the point of this is to build relationships that will help you over time. Nobody likes a one-sided relationship so remember that a win-win kind of relationship is best. 


Remember to link to your guest blogger’s site and ask them to reciprocate. 


2. Podcast interview

If you’re a podcaster you’ll want to invite people to interview. Know which questions you want to ask, get to know your interview subject personally so that you can figure out how to best ask the questions. If they have a book, read it. If they have a blog, read it. You get the point. Do your homework. Nobody likes to be interviewed by someone just asking general boring questions. You’re interviewing someone because they have what you (we all) need. What is special about them? Dig in! 


Remember to link to your guest’s site and ask them to reciprocate. 


3. Sponsor an event 

This can be overwhelming to think about. But the growing importance of investing in professional events for businesses cannot be overstated. An article by bizzabo states that 41% of marketers believe event marketing is the most effective channel for driving business outcomes. Of course, there has been a shift now (thanks ‘rona’), from in-person events to virtual events, and this has made things more challenging than they were before. Still, it is possible to get yourself involved and out there. 


4. Directories

Directories are a great way to be found when potential patients search online for a provider in their area. Getting yourself listed on one or more of these directories can be helpful. You’ll want to use detailed keywords and it’s important to list any keywords for areas in which you specialize. Two such directories specifically for chiropractors are healthgrades and chirodirectory


5. Giving a backlink 

I live in Los Angeles and currently follow three chiropractor and physical therapy businesses on Instagram. The reasons are simple. They’ve either engaged with me, have offered valuable content at no cost to me, or both. 


One of them liked a picture of mine (yes, ok, I’m easy), which got me to look at their profile where I saw a video that was relatable to me. I’m very physically active and currently have several issues going on with different parts of my body and the videos they’ve posted have been so helpful to me personally. I can’t necessarily afford to see a chiropractor as much as I’d like to, so for me to know there are things I can do to at least lessen the pain and improve these injuries and issues is incredible. 


Thanks to Metatouch of Culver City (see what I did here?). You better believe I’ll get in there as soon as possible! 


One of the most effective things I’ve seen on social media recently is just this. I think many of us are automatically nervous about giving anything for free. But,  if you can provide me with evidence that you can solve my problem and you’re even willing to give me something for free, why wouldn’t I want to get involved with you. This is the classic you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. It’s effective! 

Back to the point. If you’re a chiropractor, the way you want to use this to your advantage is to find other chiropractors that are offering high-value content, preferably in your specialty. Like their content, share the videos they post, and provide backlinks (it’s the ‘back scratch’ for business).

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