How to Get More Reviews and Increase Your Online Ranking

Online reviews are a solid way to increase your online ranking. Many businesses fail at it because they don’t get enough positive reviews.

There are some insiders tricks on how to get more reviews and increase rankings.

Check out our guide to learn the best ways to get more reviews and boost your ranking skywards.

Why Reviews Matter

Referrals from friends and family have always been a strong way to boost business. Word-of-mouth marketing is its official name.

In the digital age, online reviews have a similar impact on buying decisions. Up to 90% of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, and 66% of people find local businesses from the internet.

Most consumers are finding local businesses online. A majority of them are influenced by the reviews they find there.

Now the importance of online reviews is crystal clear, let’s look at how you can boost them for your business.

How to Get More Reviews

The key for more (and more positive) reviews is to focus on creating strong customer relationships.

Some ideas you might try:

1. Use Your Email Signature. Put a review link in your email signature. Each email is a direct marketing tool going to those that believe enough in your business to be buying from you.

2. Give a Good Reason to Review. A good reason is the information they are providing is a valuable way to help a business grow by doing thing better and providing that 5-Star experience. Is an opportunity to celebrity a team member that provided great customer service.

3. Remind Them. A customer leaves your salon with a cut they’re in love with. Or maybe you’ve exceeded their expectations with a delicious, well-priced meal. Now is the perfect time to email them a nudge ‘would you leave us a review?’

4. Guide Them. Lots of people would love to support you but don’t know how. Why not have a brief guide on where and how to give feedback on the product or service they’ve received. You can focus the guides on the review sites you most want to target for customers.

Keeping it Positive

We want to increase reviews and ensure they are positive. If you have 1000 reviews but they are all one or two stars, not so helpful.

Focus on customer service, and take on board any constructive feedback you receive. It’s a good idea to respond to online reviews, but be careful not to sound defensive.

For example, if a customer complains about the wifi at your hotel, there is a difference between responding like this:

‘Thank you! We are always looking for ways to improve. We have had our service reviewed and upgraded thanks to your feedback. We hope to see you again soon!’

and responding like this:

‘Well, no one else has ever complained about the wifi. Must be your device’.

Now – Put it into Action!

Your brand’s digital presence relies on a solid online reputation. Positive online reviews mean that customers find you instead of the other way around.

Now you know how to get more reviews and how to build up your positive reviews, so what are you waiting for?! We bet you’ve got some great ideas of your own, too.

For more business insider tips, check out our Local SEO info today! From effective survey emails to Google Maps listings, we’ve got you covered.


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