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According to SEM Rush, roughly 46% of Google searches have local intent. Can your future customers find your local business on Google when they search?

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We are at your service, specifically trained in Local SEO and review management. By leveraging this expertise, your business will appear prominently in local searches.

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3 Steps for Your Local Business to Thrive More

1. Schedule a Call

During this 15-minute call, we want to hear about your vision for your business and see how we can help you grow. You will walk away with actionable steps to get on more local searches.

If we both think it’s a good fit, you’ll receive a proposal within 48 hours.

2. Choose a Plan

Starting at $500 per month, our monthly plans cater to your specific needs.

Target more keywords and neighborhoods to boost your rankings through local SEO.

Achieving quality website traffic is 100% achievable with any plan.

3. Enjoy Feeling Proud

Congrats on securing the top spot on Google! 🎉

Your thriving business is a testament to your dedicated efforts over 7 - 14 months.

To maintain this progress, our advanced LOCAL SEO strategies can help you stay on top.

5 Hacks That Will Get You On Page 1 Of Google

You don’t have to waste another day where your potential customer can’t find you on google so they find your competition.

The process is simple:
1. Watch the quick videos
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3. Do the work with ease

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Frequent Questions About Local SEO Answered

In the early days of SEO, keyword stuffing and buying backlinks were common strategies used by many. In the current landscape, focusing on user experience, obtaining positive reviews, and creating high-quality content are key tactics for success in online marketing.

Are you feeling lost in the ever-evolving world of local SEO?

Don’t fret, we’ve got your back! Let RebelFish Local be your shining light in the complex and ever-changing world of local SEO. Listed below are frequently asked questions, and some helpful answers designed to provide clarity on each question.

It’s as if you’re the host of a party, eagerly awaiting your guests in the living room, only to find out they’re all having a blast in the backyard! Achieving a high ranking is important, but successfully converting visitors into customers requires different strategies. It might be time to give your website a check-up. Let’s jazz up your website with an audit and user experience review to ensure it’s the life of the digital party and get those online guests mingling in all the right places!

In the world of websites, backlinks play a crucial role in driving traffic and increasing visibility, similar to how fans support a rock band. The importance lies in the credibility and relevance of fans, not just their quantity. Just like a music critic seeking out the best tunes, Google craves endorsements from top-notch and on-point sources.

Getting links from industry-leading websites is like receiving rave reviews from music’s top critics. Having high-quality backlinks from reputable websites can improve your credibility and increase your search engine rankings. It is important to ensure that your backlinks come from reputable and relevant sources in order to maximize your SEO efforts.

If nothing else, remember this – with backlinks, it’s quality over quantity.

Navigating the ever-changing world of Google rankings is like keeping up with the latest fashion trends – one moment you’re at the top, the next you’re struggling to stay relevant. If you’ve seen a sudden drop in your rankings, it could be because some not-so-cool things are happening: maybe your competitors are stealing the spotlight with your keywords, Google may have put you in timeout (a penalty), or your website is not easy to use for mobile devices.

Other factors that could contribute to the issue may include less desirable backlinks or unengaging content. If this is happening to your website, it’s time to make some improvements.

Trying to reach page one of search results is like trying to get into the VIP lounge – it’s exclusive and requires more than just a secret handshake. Google may not have a magic wand to teleport you to the front page, but it definitely loves sites that offer top-notch content centered around relevant keywords.

It is advisable not too use excessive keywords in an attempt of keyword stuffing, as Google’s algorithm is sophisticated and could potentially penalize your website for such tactics. Emphasize creating high-quality content that seamlessly includes your keywords; this could lead to an increase in rankings.

SEO is a long-term process, similar to growing a garden, where patience and effort are required for eventual success. There isn’t an exact time frame to expect to see your results after implementing local SEO practices.

Some websites may see improvements in a few months, while others may take longer to see results and recover if Google has penalized their website, or after cleaning up questionable content and backlinks. Patience is important for local SEO growth, as it happens gradually over time.

Imagine a virtual twist on the classic game of “Capture the Flag” – but definitely not as fun. You won’t need to deal with a tense situation to appeal to local customers and get your profile back.

To regain control of your Google Business Profile, contact Google Support first. They will assist you in recovering your business profile and let you know the steps you need to take. Upon regaining access to your business profile, ensure that it is optimized with correct details like business descriptions and contact information.

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