4 Major Local SEO Benefits

Why should you maximize your Local SEO?

While it used to be easy to rank high on search engines, that is no longer the case. Local SEO is getting more and more competitive. Local businesses are finally realizing how important it is to their online marketing strategy.

If you don’t follow suit, your business will get lost in the crowd.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, listed below are 4 major Local SEO benefits and why you should implement these strategies.

Local SEO Benefits

Local SEO is a form of online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to real, local consumers as they are searching for your type of business.

The top 4 Local SEO benefits are:

1. Local Searches

To replace the Yellow Pages of the past, Local SEO has stepped in. It helps you increase visibility and attract consumers to your business.

Most consumers will search for products and services online, based on geographical proximity. If you maximize your Local SEO, you will increase your customer base.

Make sure your title tags for your website are strong, too, and that all public links on your website are actually linkable.

2017 has brought a focus on user intent, meaning it will be even easier for consumers to search for something online and find the most relevant local businesses.

2. Google

2017 is the year for Google’s optimization of local searches.

In the past, Google has shown a slight favoritism towards the newer, more popular businesses and their small-business owners. It has also featured individualized results for specific results on every search.

Right now, 56% of local businesses still need to claim their Google “My Business” listing. Beat your competitors and take advantage of Local SEO to help your business grow.

3. Mobile Marketing

The majority of mobile searches are actually performed while on the go, making on-the-go searches for immediate needs a priority to businesses.

As more local consumers use their mobile phones to the find the best local business immediately, Local SEO will help your business land on their proximity-based searches.

The future of Local SEO and online visibility will rely on a geographically relevant network of information, which Local SEO will help you conquer.

4. Great Return on Investment

Creating a Google “My Business Page” is free, and you’ll reach consumers when they actually need you, meaning that Local SEO is pretty cost effective and efficient.

Add to the fact that 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their phone will visit the store within a day, and 34% who search on a computer or tablet also do the same.

With the low costs and high conversion rates, Local SEO will provide you a great return on investment.

Bottom Line

To help your local business thrive, you must incorporate these Local SEO benefits into your online marketing strategy. Use our expertise and build from there to find the visibility in your community that you deserve.

Do you have experience in Local SEO? What tips or tactics would you recommend to someone new to this online marketing?


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