Top 10 Things To Do Right Now Make Money From Your Website PART 1

Make money from your website, local business owners!

Today I want to share with you a 2-page website checklist on how to keep your small business stable in the time of the pandemic and turn the current economic situation in your favor (while helping people). You can make money from your website and it isn’t as hard as you think. You have the time now and I’m sure you have some ideas but need some help on executing them.

If you want the PDF please share this blog and DM us anywhere @rebelfishlocal.

In the last week, I’ve asked our audience over and over: “How is your business holding up?”

“What is your biggest challenge right now?”

“Are you offering any new virtual services?”

“What’s your plan for the next 3-6 months?”

And I get.

A lot of you are scared, confused and maybe a bit panicked.

The truth is – no one knows for sure what’s going to happen.


My husband has worked or owned brick and mortar businesses for 30 years. He’s seen many ups and downs in the economy.

After the 2008 crash that’s when I knew I had to pivot. I took my personal training business online. 75% of my time was creating and helping people that didn’t live in my city.

In both of our entrepreneur journies, we were led to a hybrid business model allowing us to work locally with clients and employees or have the option to work online as well.

The time is now!

You can create an extra stream of revenue and make money from your website.

Let’s get into the checklist.

Top 10 Things To Do Right Now Make Money From Your Website

To-Do #1: Apply for SBA Loan

1 million small businesses get a $10k grant.

Apply for the Disaster Assistance Loan & Grant HERE.

There are many other options.

I’ve seen articles about companies helping like Yelp giving 25 million in advertising to bars and restaurants.

Version doing online concerts and giving $10k grants.

Then locally look to see what your options are.

To-Do #2: Install a website popup so you make money from your website.

The top question your customers are thinking is: “What are you doing about the virus?”

Your company needs a unified answer.

Put it on this website popup.

Here’s a Facebook Live I did last week on this topic.

Here are some examples:

  1. Church
  2. Dentist
  3. Wellness Center

People need to know what your company is doing. Are you an essential business offering in-person services? What about virtual consultations? Have abbreviated hours?

It is important your website visitors know what you are doing this month.

To-Do #3: Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

Just because you made a change to your website from your computer doesn’t mean that it will be updated on mobile phones.

So when you make an update to your website look on your phone to see if its a good user experience and if it’s easy to buy what you are promoting.

People more than ever are using their mobile phones.

  1. 80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019
  2. 40% of online transactions are done using a mobile device
  3. US mobile search ad spending was estimated at 28.12 Billion in 2019
  4. More than 50% of websites are using responsive web design technologies that work for all devices
  5. More than 3/4 shoppers use mobile devices along with physical shopping
  6. By the end of 2019, mobile advertising will account for 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending
  7. Nearly half of users read reviews of all purchases on their mobile phones
  8. Website speed is important for more than half of the mobile users
  9. Nearly half of mobile users switch to your competitor instead, after a bad experience with your mobile site
  10. 3 out of 4 teens regularly make purchases online now

A little rant…

My pilates studio paused our memberships and was offering complimentary IG Live classes a couple times a day for 2 weeks. Then they posted on IG that they were moving the classes to Zoom.

I thought that’s weird, why are they moving?

Adding more technology and communication can complicate things.

They said “go to their website to signup” but it was so jacked up with text all in the wrong spots.

Then I email and DM but no answer.

Probably because everyone else was having trouble too.

I open the app and that didn’t work.

So I log onto my desktop and still couldn’t figure it out.

A couple of hours later I went back to the app and figured it out.

But sure enough, I couldn’t log in because they didn’t have proper instructions about how to get the the Zoom link.

So I sign up for the next class a couple hours later and it worked.

I jump on classes all week then come to find out these aren’t free classes!

They didn’t send out an email, they didn’t have anything on their website.

With the 10+ communications on IG and emails they said nothing.


Make it easy for them to know all the details so they don’t have to search around and go to multiple platforms to find answers.

Want the Website Checklist PDF please share this blog and DM us anywhere @rebelfishlocal.

make money from your website checklist

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To-Do #4: Simplify Your Website

Most websites are too complicated.

Your website should have 1 focus – create SALES! You can make money from your website.

“But wait Liz, I don’t ONLY care about money!”

We don’t either. You want to make money doing what you are passionate about.

Yes, branding and lead generation are important too.

But right now, SALES is number 1!

Want help with this? Check out our StoryBrand Website packages. While we are all #slowingthespread and sheltering in place we are offering extra discounts. Click the Schedule Call button and we can figure out what package is best for you.

Most service-based brick and mortars only need 4 pages + your homepage.

  1. About
  2. Service Page
  3. Direct CTA Page
  4. Contact
  5. Homepage

Every other page can go in the junk drawer. That’s the footer. The part at the bottom of your website.

What’s a Direct CTA?

The Direct CTA (call to action) is what you are lead your website visitors to do.

Many sites have “learn more” or “get started” but these are passive calls to action.

They don’t work to get more sales.

Your direct CTA should be “schedule call”, “join virtual classes”, “buy 21-day immune booster”, etc. this will allow you to make money from your website.

These are the websites with a simple list of pages:

Thanks for reading!! I’m excited to hear how you make money from your website and keep your local business surviving.

Over the past week, Robert and/or I have been doing DAILY Facebook Lives 12 PM PST. We take 5-10 minutes to talk more about each of the “Top 10 Things To Do Right Now To Generate Revenue From Your Website” and show you examples of brick and mortar businesses who are doing a great job with each one.

Let us know if you like those videos and I’ll cover the 6-10 to-dos on the website checklist.

Join us live or watch the replay over there!

I’ll be back to write PART 2.

In the meantime, if you want the PDF please share this blog and DM us anywhere @rebelfishlocal.


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