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Do You Find It a Challenge to Find a Good Marketing Speaker?

3 Steps For Booking Liz For Your Next Event!

1. Stop Wasting Money
On Marketing

Learn how to use storytelling to grow your business. This is the most popular 20-minute keynote. It can be tailored to non-profits and church ministries.

2. Get 5-Star Online Reviews
for your Brand

Learn the 7 steps to getting 5-star reviews in 5 days. Liz will give you email template on how to ask for a review, thank for the good reviews, and how to apologize if you got a bad review.

3. Learn 3 Things To Get
To The Top Of Google

You will learn 3 of the 5 steps in our LOCAL process. Your attendees will leave with a step-by-step plan of these 3 foundational SEO strategies.

"Are you struggling to find talent for your conference? You’re not alone. 89% of event creators said finding and securing speakers for their event will be a major challenge in 2019."

National Speakers Association

How Is RebelFish Local Different?

Most event planners struggle with finding a budget-friendly marketing speaker. Each month we hand select two events and waive the speaking & travel fees so that you can relax and shine like a rockstar with your boss!

Liz’s love for teaching began when her gymnastics coach didn’t show up to practice, so instead of everyone going home, she jumped up and taught the class when she was 14. That same day she got her first job. Some speakers are so boring! Some speakers make you forget what they said.

Liz’s number 1 Gallup Top 5 Strength is Focus. This means that the audience always walks away with new ideas and practical strategies they can implement when they get back to the office. Her slides and fill-in-the-blank worksheets help everyone to keep focused and keep their brainstorm ideas organized.

How did Liz go from coaching gymnastics to speaking and co-owning a local marketing agency? Her passion evolved into personal training, leading group exercise classes, leading women’s Bible studies, and creating her first YouTube channel in 2010. She built a successful women’s weight loss business then closed a year after launching RebelFish Local.

Through social media and church connections, Liz has spoken at conferences, local events, podcasts, and been interviewed in medical magazines.

Since becoming a StoryBrand Guide she has been booked for more events so that’s why we decided to make this speaker page so you’d get all the details.

What’s next? Liz and her husband Robert will be launching a marketing strategy podcast in Fall 2019.

Watch the video of our last keynote event at a local university.

StoryBrand Conference Local SEO Breakout Session by Liz Cortes

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Virtual Events

$500 Per Event
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Business Conference

$1,500 + Travel
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Corporate Events

$1,500 + Travel
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