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During this 15-minute call, Liz will ask you a bunch of questions to see if podcasting is the best marketing strategy for you to do right now. This isn’t a coaching call If you want coaching, jump on Liz’s weekly Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

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Our process takes 60 days to launch your podcast. During this time our team is doing all the tech work and setting up the systems so you can focus on becoming a great podcast host. If you have a million questions, we will cover them and make you feel confident.

3. Celebrate Your Business Growth

Being a podcast host instantly gives you authority and a platform to be noticed by bigger brands, bigger clients, and that big goal you are scare to say out loud because it seems too big. We set up free offers and sales funnels so you make money.

Dr. Masha’s Podcast Journey

It was February, we were building a website and started working on our podcast launch strategy with a husband and wife team in Spain. A colleague from the StoryBrand Guide community referred them to us as soon as they hired her to write all the copy for her naturopathic doctor and hyperbaric oxygen chamber website. We ordered all the podcast equipment on Amazon and created “Podcast Studio In A Box” so everything could easily fit carryon luggage on a plane.

There was a conference with 20 ideal podcast interviews so Liz and Dr. Masha booked their flights. But then lockdowns started happening all over the world and we couldn’t meet in groups of more than 250.

Disappointed but still hopeful we created a new plan.

We all stayed positive and focused on building the website. But as the lockdown continued we all knew they needed updated copy and we needed to rethink the podcast strategy for this “new normal”.

After a few months she pivoted her brand marketing message.

Her website launched in August 2020.

Dr. Masha didn’t give up when things got tough. She has a team to encourage her and keep her on track to accomplish her goals and grow her business.

Her podcast “Hyperbaric Living” is launching in September 2020.

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Strategic Relationships

A podcast allows you to create relationships with ideal clients, industry influencers, and potential referral partners by simply asking them to be a guest on your show.

Interactive Content

With an interview-based podcast, you will never run out of relevant content while discovering valuable insight into the industry you serve.

Thought Leadership

When your content is the center of industry insight, you’ll be the trusted brand that people go to for help.

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