Jan 16, 2019,
Amazing working with Liz. Great experience with a great company and professional! I suggest everyone at least give Liz a few minutes to talk about what she does. It's very valuable. Thanks again Liz!
Jul 4, 2018,
Robert and his team have been a pleasure to work with. Everything from communication to creation to maintenance of my site has been wonderful and upstanding. I cannot say enough good things about RebelFish Local. Highly recommend!
Mar 15, 2018,
Hey Liz! You are a cut above the rest! Your presentation was concise and impressive, so were you. You are professional and friendly at the same time. You gave me all the information in a very effective manner. It was a great meeting. Much thanks!
Mar 13, 2018,
Liz is wonderful to work with...highly recommend!
Mar 12, 2018,
Super easy to work with and my rep Liz was really great, professional and took care of my project quickly and efficiently. It was a real pleasure working with RebelFish and I highly recommend them!
Jan 27, 2018,
It was a lot of fun working with Liz and Rebelfish and I love the LinkedIn background cover they created for me.
Jan 18, 2018,
Liz was wonderful to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, creative and efficient. I would highly recommend Rebel Fish!
Jan 13, 2018,
Liz met with me to ask about my business, listened to my suggestions, and delivered a social media banner package that was SPOT ON! Amazing customer service!
Jan 13, 2018,
Very professional and on time. Liz is wonderful and it was a pleasure working with her.
Jan 12, 2018,
Liz met with me to ask about my business, listed to my suggestions, and delivered a social media banner package that was SPOT ON! Amazing customer service!
Jan 12, 2018,
Robert and Liz have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have a real dedication to their craft and are extremely prompt in delivering results. They are also very responsive to any need or concern I present them with and I am very happy with the overall experience and service.
Jan 8, 2018,
Working with Liz to get a cover photo for my LinkedIn account was such a great experience. She listened to my ideas, and the end product was even better than I could imagine. Thank you Liz, and your design team, for keeping my brand consistent and for the amazing photo.
Jan 8, 2018,
Thank you, Liz for this great work! I just uploaded the new background cover for my LinkedIn profile and it looks great!
Oct 16, 2017,
I've truly enjoyed working with RebelFish Local for the design and implementation of my new website. They made the process easy and I appreciated their patience along the way. I highly recommend their services.
Sep 27, 2017,
Liz was an amazing help with tons of great suggestions to help improve my website and traffic to it. She spent a long time talking to me offering ideas that I could personally do and things she recommended I have done to improve business. Thanks Liz!!
Aug 31, 2017,
I love the fact I can see all of my data in real time from multiple sites and it also allows me to engage with the unhappy customers to help deal with whatever issues they have and to also reward the happy customers and thank them for their review. Also being able to share these comments is an ultimate tool within the channel to help get the word out there about your company
Jul 31, 2017,
Amazing engagement of owners. They care, are always available, they challenged me, best of all very fair in pricing. THANK YOU
Feb 24, 2017,
Very helpful in getting my business found and helping me gather good reviews. Also, hired them to do all my social media sites/website etc. They did a wonderful job and now all my sites match and the branding looks great! Highly recommended
Feb 24, 2017,
The service and knowledge that I have received from the team at Rebel Fish has been amazing! I have already seen a difference in my social media presence as well as better functioning communication and feedback from my great clients. Thank you RebelFish!
Feb 24, 2017,
Great company to work with to create strategic marketing for your business. Liz is patient knowledgable and is so postive. Thank you Liz..I look forward to watching my business grow with your help and guidance.
Feb 24, 2017,
Liz is amazing and so knowledgeable. She is patient as she helped and encouraged this technically challenged girl.
Feb 15, 2017,
Thank you so much Liz and Robert of Rebel Fish for designing beautifully branded banner adds. They understood what I wanted and delivered adds with a WOW factor. The adds are high quality and designed to convert and draw traffic. I'm so glad to be working with Rebel Fish and totally recommend them. They are good people and really care about helping you.
Feb 1, 2017,
Amazing job today at CWEN, Liz! Thanks for sharing
Jan 18, 2017,
Rebel Fish is a professional company whose owners are Christian. I loved working with them. Our strategy session was very helpful. I love that whether or not you decide to work with them they still offer useful information to help you grow awareness of your business online. If you choose to work with them they will implement what they've identified in the strategy session. So, either way, the time you spend with them is note wasted. Thank you for your help and not being salesy but helpful and considerate of my needs, where I'm at with my business and my budget.
Jan 9, 2017,
Liz and Robert gave me lots of information to improve what I am already doing. I am looking forward to seeing the results
Jan 2, 2017,
Robert and Canaan did an amazing job with my website, logo, branding and social media! I live and work in England, and they were able to meet with me frequently over webcam to discuss and create my vision. They put together professional presentations to go over with me every time we met, listened to my ideas and were eager to make any changes that were needed in order to meet my expectations. Even though I live on the other side of the world, the technology used and the consistent communication made it seem like we were all in the same city! Thank you Robert and Canaan for helping to build a great foundation for my business!
Dec 22, 2016,
Thanks Robert and Liz for taking the time to explain your services and for giving me valuable information about online marketing for small businesses. Hope to be able to use your services in the future. God bless!
Nov 17, 2016,
Wow! I just finished my Strategy Session with Liz and she is fabulous! She took the time to explain terms that I didn't understand and walked me through some real life examples (I am such a visual learner and she could sense that). Liz is super knowledgeable and yet down to earth- truly a joy to work with. I have 2 pages of notes and I can wait to implement some of her ideas. I definitely see myself working more with her and her team in 2017 to grow my business.
Nov 9, 2016,
If your are looking for a team of talented marketers and designers to assist you in your business where you get awesome reviews which leads to more exposure and more clients, look no further. At Rebelfish Local Inc., remarkable team who are professional and have integrity. They created my banner ads for business and it looks great! Working with them has been easy and fluid. They take away the stress of getting more leads. Also, I am impressed by Rebelfish that I've been sending them more referrals. I believe in them, their service and they add more value than you can anticipate. Grateful and thank you!
Nov 9, 2016,
Our strategy session was packed full of information and doable steps to optimize my website. They showed me the small things that keeping me from taking Google, things I can change right away that will make a difference. Very knowledgeable and went the extra mile.
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