Should You Use Google My Business Posts?

What if making one small change could give your SEO a huge boost?

It may sound too good to be true, but Google has promised that their My Business posts will completely change how you attract customers.

That’s easy for them to claim, but are Google My Business posts seriously beneficial? Keep reading to discover whether you should use them!

What Are Google My Business Posts?

This service requires that your business already use the Google My Business platform. It is essentially a content management system by Google that makes it easier than ever to post and edit content.

The best feature is that Google makes it easy to include different CTA buttons at the end of your posts. And these post show on standard searches as well as map searches, allowing you to advertise time-sensitive deals and promotions.

However, just how good is the visibility of these posts?

The Visibility Question

There isn’t much hard data to support how much Google My Business posts enhance your online visibility. However, they definitely allow you to cater to the unique needs of your customers, increasing the likelihood of them finding your posts.

It is quick and simple to make a post, and the service cost nothing for small businesses. As we said, one of the more popular uses is telling customers about upcoming events that are time-sensitive.

As long as you avoid generic “sales talk” and focus on quality SEO, your visibility should see a boost. Best of all, it takes very little time or money to make it happen!

The Importance of Image

To really make your Google Post stand out, you should be focused on image. No, not the image of your brand (though that’s always important); we’re talking about an image for the post!

Consumers are image-driven, and Google will pair an image and a headline together. Long headlines will be cut off, so it’s important to get to the point with concise text and eye-grabbing images.

Now that you know how to get customers’ attention, here are some clever uses for this service.

Enhanced Appeal

One big use for these Google business tools is to enhance your relationship with business. These quick posts are your first step in doing this.

There are two things Millennials want from a business: they want useful content and they want to feel like they have a genuine relationship with the business.

With these posts, you can establish what your business is all about, building customer loyalty while getting the jump on your competition. And providing timely info to customers helps ensure they keep coming back.

These posts are easy to create and edit as well. When paired with good CRM, you can discover which posts customers respond to the most and keep tweaking your format until engagement is through the roof!

The Bottom Line

So, are Google My Business posts worth it? We say “yes,” as long as you have someone to help maximize its potential.

And that’s where we come in. At Rebel Fish Local, we are all about taking today’s tools and turning you into tomorrow’s biggest company.

To see how we can transform your business, reach out and contact us today!


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