How To Plan A Marketing Calendar

Liz Cortes shares how to plan a marketing calendar in 5 simple steps. Having a marketing calendar will help you to keep focused, decrease stress, and not miss out when a holiday like Small Business Saturday comes around. How to plan a marketing calendar starts with knowing your ideal customer and what they are looking […]

local seo expert

5 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs a Local SEO Expert

Are you working around the clock, trying to develop your local SEO ranking, but finding that you’re way over your head? Mastering local SEO is no easy feat, but with hard work or outsourcing to the right professionals, you’ll attract loads of customers and see your business booming. Do you find yourself struggling to successfully […]

brand development

Why Strong Brand Development is Critical for Your Business

Do you still think that “brand” refers only to the type of breakfast cereal your children prefer? If so, you need to read our primer on brand development, how it differs from marketing, and why it’s such an important component of your success. What Is Branding, Exactly? It’s not just a memorable logo, a catchy […]