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Our Top Picks For Local SEO & Online Review Tools

Our Top Pick For Keyword Research

Why we recommend KWFinder: Robert uses lots of tools when doing the setup and audit for new Local SEO clients. I like to keep it super simple. When I research I’m looking for keywords for blog titles and YouTube video titles. KWFinder is simple to use. It’s easy to look for the easy (green) keywords.
What they could do to improve: We have “Mongools Basic” plan. If you work with your spouse and you both need to use the tool, you can’t. Only one person can be logged in at a time. I like to batch research and find 50-100 potential keywords but most of the time I use up my daily searches. Of course, you can upgrade but I only use 1 of the 5 tools in this package so you just need to plan ahead so you don’t both need to do research at the same time.
Compared to the competition: People ask me all the time about Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, or … but why use a free one when the paid ones are very affordable? With free ones most of the time you can’t save searches. You just get so many more features with the paid ones.

Our Top Pick For Report Dashboard

Why we recommend Oviond: This is a newer tool but it is nice to go to one place to look at all the data for one client. We wanted to be able to look at Google My Business, Active Campaign, Google Analytics, and social media stats on one dashboard. We have a handful of clients that we are their fractional CMO and our agency handles everything for their single location or multi-locations so having a quick way for us to look at the numbers and generate simple reports. We like this one the best.
What they could do to improve: Add more integrations! We got this before they had Active Campaign and Google My Business so we’ve been patient and request for new tools to be added to their roadmap.
Compared to the competition: We’ve always just logged in manually. So I haven’t looked much into competitors. Send us a DM on social and let us know what you’ve been liking.

Our Top Pick For SEO Research & Tracking

Why we recommend SEMRush: Robert uses this tool the most. He loves that he can create a project for each individual client and customize reports to be delivered via email. I really like the social media posting feature that you get for free so I stopped paying for Hootsuite. It’s easier for me to log in and do a mini SEO audit before getting on a 15-minute call.
What they could do to improve: It’s clunky for someone like me who is just logging in so I can make sure our social media is being posted and reconnecting the account. There are so many options that you get in the GURU plan and they keep adding more features so it can be overwhelming. Robert said, “
Compared to the competition: Ahrefs and Moz, we have those also. But we are a Local SEO marketing agency so we like using different tools for different clients. SEMRush is great for a beginner who is just wanting to use it to track your single location.

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