Podcasting Setup Tools

Our Top Picks For Podcasting Setup Tools

Our Top Pick For Podcast Hosting

Why we recommend Castos: It’s great for businesses or churches that have multiple podcasts or an agency that is managing multiple podcasts. They also offer private podcasting too so if you want a leadership podcast for your internal staff or franchisees you can do it with Castos.

A lot of podcasters like to make a YouTube video of their audio only podcast. I believe you should put unique content on every platform but not everyone has the time or budget to have a unique strategy for podcasts, YouTube, blog, Instagram, or Facebook. So for those of you just getting started you can do YouTUbe republishing and get your podcast automatically transcribed.

What they could do to improve: We offer DFY podcast services. They do too. I wish they only focused on hosting verses trying to be the be all to everyone service. I find that when a company does that some services or features start to lag. But overall we really love everything about Castos.

Compared to the competition: We used to use and recommend Blubrry for years. They are great but since we needed a hosting that worked better for an agency with multiple clients. Logging into each client’s account and making the client pay for their own account isn’t efficient.

With church clients we’ve used SunSplash but the analytics are horrible. Most of the time we end up tracking growth through website traffic. The podcast hosting provider should provide all the analytics accurately.

Our Top Pick For Podcast Audiogram Videos

Why we recommend Wavve: We like using an audiogram generator verse manually doing it from a tool on my Mac. It is easy to use and you don’t need a graphic design or video editing background. This is one weekly task we give to a social media or podcast intern to make a video that’s the right size for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Stories.

By using this tool clients are able to drive more traffic to their iTunes podcast or blog by posting on social media. It’s even better if you share these assets with your employees and they share on LinkedIn or their Instagram stories.

What they could do to improve: They’re already made many of our improvement requests. So right now we like everything about it.
Compared to the competition: We use Wave.video when there is a video clip from client’s recording in our podcast studio. I like this tool when we have a video recording or b-roll. We haven’t tried out any other audiogram tools. But I hear the Final Cut Pro or After Effects can do this tool so you wouldn’t have to pay for double services.
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