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Our Top Picks For Website Design & Development Tools

Our Top Pick For Website Hosting

Why we recommend SiteGround: Speed is very important for local SEO. We have our own server. Daily backups are a must especially for clients with a zealous marketing manager that tries to do things themselves so it’s easy for us to fix the website they broke. Since we like to do the hosting for all the websites we build we offer very affordable prices since for our server it’s really affordable. Keep all our clients on SiteGround makes it more efficient to do our job with website maintenance.
What they could do to improve: Auto-update SSL certificates. We’ve been asking for years and for now just have to make a note in Basecamp of when to update for a client each year.
Compared to the competition: For WordPress sites, there are two hosting companies that are the gold standard; SiteGround and WPEngine.

Our Top Pick For Privacy Policy Page Templates

Why we recommend Termageddon: It’s owned by a husband and wife team. You get peace of mind knowing that once you set up your page it will automatically be updated every time a new law changes. Our team gets on a call to make sure you fill out the survey correctly then we do the website installation. But you can do it yourself. Robert loves that he can get on a call with the owner.
What they could do to improve: Add more features for local businesses in other countries. Add other languages.
Compared to the competition: For our international clients that need their page in another language, we use another tool that’s been around for years.

Our Top Pick For Website Wireframe and Mockup Prototyping

Why we recommend Draftium: I found this tool when I sold 5 StoryBrand Websites in the same month. This made it easy for me to create a black and white website wireframe so the client could approve the copywriting and the photos I was thinking of using for the page. I spent a lot of time building a 10-page StoryBranded website prototype (template) but it was worth it. Now I just click “duplicate” and boom I’m ready to copy/paste everything I wrote in Google Docs. This tool saved us time in hours that went to our website designer and even made our website developers hours drop down too since all copy and photos where already approved from the client.
What they could do to improve: They update or change blocks frequently. For example, I liked to use this 3-step process plan style but then when I duplicate the prototype it’s changed or not there. So it just slows me down some. It also doesn’t seem to be intuitive for clients. I film a video showing them how to use the comment feature but they always seem to not get it. I think it’s really easy to use. I wish we had different users. I use this more frequently since I do pretty much all the StoryBrand copywriting but when I reply to the client’s comments it says “Robert Cortes” since he is the one who originally signed up for the account. This confuses clients.
Compared to the competition: Other StoryBrand Guides use Adobe XD and Robert bought Sketch but those seem to be better for advanced graphic designers. Before a graphic designer picks the Elementor layout and makes custom sections for the website I like to just have a basic black and white wireframe.

Our Top Pick For WordPress Themes

Why we recommend Elementor: NEED COPY
What they could do to improve: NEED COPY
Compared to the competition: NEED COPY

Our Top Pick For Image Compression

Why we recommend ShortPixel: NEED COPY
What they could do to improve: NEED COPY
Compared to the competition: NEED COPY
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