We Believe That Keeping Up With
Local Marketing Strategies Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Leverage A Team

We have a team of 12 but for Local SEO and review clients you get to leverage 5 people who will get you on those local searches. We use Basecamp so you can look over our shoulder and see all the tasks.

See Results Monthly
It is exciting to see your website move up page by page getting closer to those 10 spots on page 1 of Google. You feel proud when you see google reviews coming in weekly making you look so successful.
Follow The LOCAL Process
These 5 steps will get you on page 1 of Google. By doing an SEO and reviews audit, you can quickly see what’s broken in your local marketing strategy. This process works for local businesses and churches.
3 Steps to Becoming A Thriving Local Business
During this 15-minute call, our team will ask you questions to see if we can help you achieve the vision you have for your local businesses. You will get at least one actionable step to do next so that you get on more local searches. If we both see this as a good fit, within 48 hours you’ll be emailed a proposal.
Plans start at $997/mo. The difference of the three options is going after more keywords and neighborhoods you want to rank for. Some people want to stick with traditional weekly blogging which work great but others launch a podcast or YouTube channel. You can get quality traffic to your website no matter which plan you choose.
You are on Google Maps 3 pack, on page 1 of Google, and your business is growing! It took 9-12 months. Cheers! What’s next? Well, you’ve got to maintain the success by continuing to do what got you there. But now it’s time to go after harder more profitable keywords to rank for. We have advanced Local SEO strategies.
How Is RebelFish Local Different?

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We know what it feels like to be frustrated and not be able to increase your website traffic without spending a lot on ads.

If you’re like us, you’ve tried to get better local search results. You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to be on page 1 of Google that helped you get more local foot traffic. We know you want to become a proud business owner, and it’s wrong that local marketing and figuring out Google is so hard.

At RebelFish Local, we get it.

We’ve been where you are. For the past 5 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome not being on Google Maps 3 Pack and experience the joy of showing up on Google searches for surrounding neighborhoods.

Part of Robert & Liz’s Story…

Robert survived the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles by pivoting from teaching martial arts to opening his first cell phone and page store at UCLA. He pivoted again in 2008 and he transitioned out of a co-owning a celebrity restaurant in Hawaii to help a friend grow a green construction company.

In 2009, Liz pivoted her personal training business online and learned to use online marketing strategies to promote her business locally and across the US.

Then in 2015, we both pivoted. Robert got out of the restaurant industry for good and I closed my personal training business so that we could work together, build a team that works remotely, and help local businesses thrive no matter what challenges come your way.

We are committed to helping you grow your local business so you can stop feeling frustrated. The process is simple – schedule a call, pick a plan, and enjoy feeling proud that you are on page 1 of Google. Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to increase your local organic search traffic to your website.

We believe local businesses with great reputations should be on Google Maps 3 Pack and you deserve your local marketing to bring in 10x your investment. We help you get on the maps 3 pack so that you can crush your local competition.

Schedule a call so we can get started.

Local Businesses We’ve Worked With

Align SD

Aliro Marketing

CC Glass

Harvest Collective

James Gang Printing Company

Morgan Home Funding

Orange Dental

Pacific Beach Smile Studio

Rock School of Ministry

Wash N Go Laundry