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If you are getting organic or paid ad traffic but people aren’t scheduling appointments or buying your first time customer offer, then you have a website conversion problem.

Have you had any of these thoughts below?

My website used to get so many leads and I can put my finger on the problem.

Why do I find my competitor on Google but not my business?

My customers tell me it was hard to find me online.

I’m getting a ton of traffic but it’s not turning into leads or new customers.

My website is brand new and its not working for me.

I have ads running on Google but it's not converting like they promised.

Until you fix your website you will keep saying, “marketing doesn’t work” or “they just took my money and didn’t get me any results”.
Then if you are getting great organic search website traffic but people aren’t scheduling appointments or buying your first time customer offer, then you have a website lead generation conversion problem. Until you fix your website you will keep saying, “marketing doesn’t work” or “they just took my money and didn’t give me any results”.

We Believe That No One Should Have
A Pretty Website That Doesn't Increase Sales

Come Out Stronger During This Pandemic
We’ve seen clients double their sales and have also seen clients lose 75% of their clients while each state shelter in place. There is hope to pivot no matter what industry you are in. Now more than ever you need to think more strategically.
Be Confident That You Are Making The Right Decisions
Things are moving so quickly and there is so much uncertainty about the future. You want to make the right decisions for your family, employees, and the direction of your company. Make a decision on who to hire to update your website.
Enjoy The Excitement Of Having Weekly New Sales
All business owners love to see revenue and profit increase. You don’t want to have a full schedule of people who won’t buy your bigger packages. You want quality website visitors that lead to long term high paying clients, customers, and patients.

3 Steps to Becoming
A Successful Business Owner

Schedule Call
During this 15-minute call, Liz will ask you questions to see if our team can help you achieve the vision you have for making money from your website. She will give you at least one actionable step to do next.
Pick from 3 "Website That Sells" Packages
They range from $25,000 to $3,500 and we have financing options. This process normally takes 6 weeks. But you get access to our team for 12 months. We want to make sure that your website makes you money.
Enjoy More Revenue And A More Profitable Website
Where do you want to be 6 months from now? We believe businesses with great reputations deserve to outsmart the big guys online so they can make a local impact and grow. Achieve that 6-month goal!

Happy Client Reviews

Happy Website Clients

How Is RebelFish Local Different?

A lot of local businesses don’t convert website visitors to an appointment. Through our “Website That Sells” process we add another revenue stream using your website so you can stop being worried about making payroll and start making more sales.

We know what it feels like to feel frustrated and not be able to have the excitement of having new sales from your website.

If you’re like us, you’ve got around 100 people visiting your website each month but not even 5% book an appointment. You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to get consistent website leads that helped you increase sales. We know you want to become a successful business owner again, and it’s wrong that your website looks pretty but it doesn’t make you much money.

At RebelFish Local, we get it.

We understand what it’s like to have a website that doesn’t lead to more sales. For the past 5 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of local businesses to build a website that causes people to jump into your sales process.

Part of Robert & Liz’s Story…

In 2000, Robert’s roommate, a professional athlete, asked him to build a website so he did and made his logo but this wasn’t the career path he wanted so he went back into the restaurant industry. It is funny that 15 years later he built this one alongside our awesome code guy Max. Robert really enjoys the process of design and development of websites. For fun he takes online courses so that he can guide our team to create cooler looking websites that bring in more sales.

In 2009, I (Liz) hired my first web developer. I know what it’s like to hire someone for $2,000 and only get 5 sentences on a homepage. It’s easy to hire the wrong person when you don’t know what to ask for or your vision is so big that you need a custom coded website. In 2010, I built my first weight loss personal training website and built multiple sales funnels all by myself.

In 2015, we both pivoted. Robert got out of the restaurant industry for good and I closed my personal training business so that we could work together, build a team that works remotely, and help local businesses thrive no matter what challenges come your way.

We are committed to helping you grow your business during this pandemic so you can stop feeling frustrated. The process is simple – schedule a 15-minute call, pick a “Website That Sells” package, and enjoy more sales coming in through your website. Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to increase sales through your website.

We believe businesses with great reputations deserve to outsmart the big guys online and you deserve a website that sells. We help you with updating your website so that you can have a more predictable cash flow in 2021.

Schedule a call so we can get started.

We've Helped Dozens Of Clients Build A Website They Love

Extremely Prompt

"They have a real dedication to their craft and are extremely prompt in delivering results."

Dr. Bonnie Fischer
AlignSD Wellness, San Diego

Easy To Use

“I learned how my business could do even more for reputation management and ranking higher on search result pages. Their method for generating reviews is easy to use.”

Alicia S, Aliro Marketing
San Diego, CA

Definitely Recommended

“Not knowing anything about marketing or how the Internet works. Robert and Liz did a great job explaining everything. I definitely recommend them to anyone starting up a company.”

Christian M, iPlace Art
Los Angeles, CA

I'm Shocked!

“I made the changes in a day. I started to rank in the TOP 5 search results on THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!! Robert said that he wasn’t shocked. Well, I’m shocked. These guys know their stuff.”

Dr. Sarah C, ND Pen
Denver, CO

We solve digital challenges and craft memorable customer experiences through product design, engineering and optimisation.

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