What Are Good Testimonial Questions For Clients? Here Are 20

What are good testimonial questions for clients? It can be hard to know what to ask. Here are 20 testimonial questions for clients that will tell your story and theirs. These questions can be used on review surveys, email, or video testimonials.

20 Testimonial Questions For Clients:

  • 3 Questions To Include On A Review Survey Before You Share Your Yelp Link
  • 7 Questions To Email After 90-Days Of Using Your Service
  • 5 Questions To Ask For Video Testimonials
  • 5 Questions We Ask Our Clients


These questions are geared toward service-based local businesses. If you have an e-commerce product, just exchange the word “service” for “product”. If you don’t use the word “client” then exchange the word for “customer” or “patient”.

Right now commit to asking for a review once this week and trying out these questions. You will be surprised by how good the testimonials will be from your clients!

3 Questions To Include On A Review Survey Before You Share Your Yelp Link 

When we hassle our customers and clients enough we can usually get them to give us some kind of testimonial. But, these testimonials generally lack any power or influence. One problem is that they don’t necessarily know how to frame their thoughts or feelings about a service. So, it’s up to us to create and offer a foundation or outline that is easy for them to follow. So, what are good testimonial questions for clients before you share your yelp link? I like these from

What was the primary benefit you received from our service?

You want to know this to be sure you’re hitting your target every time. Any disparity in this area will tell you if you’re off the mark. Once you know this, you can move forward with any necessary adjustments.

What made our service stand out from other options? 

With information so readily at our fingertips these days, we have the ability to do plenty of comparison shopping. Once they choose a service or product, they know exactly why they made the decision they did. This is a good testimonial question for clients. It will lead them to outline the reasons your service is better than the competitor. Word-of-mouth advertising is now online and just like when we all used to see each other in person, it’s an excellent way to acquire and gain customers. 

What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from buying our product or service?

Of course, it’s difficult to hear any kind of criticism, but this is as constructive as it gets. First of all, you’re asking for feedback. Secondly, you’re asking a specific question that will enable you to identify at least one area (hopefully more, nobody is perfect), in which you could improve and even further your desirability with potential customers.  

In addition, this is a question you will likely want to know the answer to in order to make necessary adjustments. This is the best time for this question since customers will likely not have purchased your service.

7 Questions To Email After 90-Days Of Using Your Service

Who among us doesn’t like to be followed up with? Following up with your customers and clients accomplishes two things right off the bat. First, it tells them that you care about the service you’re providing. Second, it lets them know you’re willing to make adjustments if deemed necessary. Just a side note here; you should be open to making at least minor adjustments. Nobody hates a service that they feel was tailored just for them. 

By day 90 your customer will have had the opportunity to fully experience your service. This can be a crucial time to ask specific questions that will help tell their personal story and how your service improved their very existence.

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of man. Why? Because stories are powerful tools. People don’t necessarily remember facts and figures (not normal ones anyway), they remember stories! 

What are good testimonial questions for clients who have used your service for 90 days? Read on…

What was it like before you had our product or service?

This question will help your customer remember what it was like before using your service and why they felt they needed you in the first place. Their story will likely resonate with other potential clients and lead to more business for you. Win-win!

Where did you start your search?

I’d identify this as being a fantastic window into the world of your competitors. It may be that you are unaware of every single option available to your clients. What better way than to have them tell you? This is also a great way to tell their personal story thereby leading other customers down a prelit path.

What made you happiest about working with our company?

Allowing your happy customers to tell this part of their story will make it clear to other potential customers that you care about what you have and can offer. It demonstrates that you’re willing to do what it takes to help your customers.

What have you been able to achieve since using our product or service?

Speaking of helping your customers… this one will further your effort to have them tell their story, in their own words. Your willingness to align your service to their personal needs and goals will be noticed and appreciated. A great way to have them elaborate on these questions would be to ask more pointed sub-questions; did we help save you time? Did we help save you money? Did we help you generate more leads?

When it’s clear you can help someone do exactly what they need to be done, they will hand you their money. It’s as simple as that!

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Why not allow your customer to pat you on the back and let it be an opportunity to humble-brag on the web? Don’t you just love those sweet stories you hear about a business’ employee going above-and-beyond? I love those! You want people talking about these experiences. 

What about our business surprised you the most?

Here’s another way to offer a similar opportunity for your clients to brag about you. Who knows, you may be surprised by their surprise! Yes, surprises can be difficult for the more type A’s among us, but you may find that you’re well, surprised. Too much? This is a great way to find out if there is an area you’re killing it in that even you’re unaware of; perhaps another avenue for additional revenue? 

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about the product or business?

It’s open mic time! This is a great opportunity to collect stories that are exclusive to their particular experience. This kind of story will likely be relatable to someone out there and that may just be the key to onboarding that person. You never know.

5 Questions To Ask For Video Testimonials 

Another powerful tool that is readily availablhttp://storybrand/e today is video. It’s relatively easy to create video content. Again, it’s a matter of creating and providing the foundation and outline for your customers to follow. 

What was your greatest challenge and reason for seeking out our service?

This will help your audience know they’re watching the journey of a real person. Real people relate to other real people. 

How did that make you feel?

Again, it’s nice to be relatable, and to know the struggle another person faces helps us to make a decision to help ourselves. 

How has our service helped you with this issue?

This is straightforward. Of course, you’ll want to ask questions specific to your brand. 

What are some specific results you’re able to share?

This is a perfect opportunity for them to get specific about both your brand and their personal experience and journey. Remember, we’re trying to piece together a story. 

What would you say to a friend experiencing the same challenge who may be considering trying our service?

We speak differently to our friends than we do when addressing strangers. Have them tell their story as if they’re hanging out with friends at game night. It’s about being real and relaxed. 


5 Questions We Ask Our Clients 

When you want a really good website testimonial you don’t have to use every part that someone posted on Google or Yelp. If you have different services choose 3 to 4 reviews for each website service page.

This is a screenshot from our Local SEO page and we also use the same reviews on our homepage since our core service is Local SEO.

I took 2-3 sentences from their LONG Google or Yelp reviews.

What Are Good Testimonial Questions For Clients

If you are finding it hard to get good testimonials. Then try these questions from Storybrand:

  1. What was the problem you were having before you discovered our product?
  2. What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?
  3. What was different about our product?
  4. Take us to the moment when you realized our product.
  5. Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved.

Read more from the Building A StoryBrand book page 200.

Worst case, you can write a review then email your customer asking if it’s ok to quote them saying that review. This is hard to do since you are writing from your perspective and so tend to use too much jargon so it doesn’t feel real.

If you don’t have time to get reviews or just aren’t feeling confident, schedule a call and we will do it for you!


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