Why Am I Not On Page One of Google? 3 Things To Do Today

“Why am I not on page one of Google,” is something we hear from our clients all the time. We can practically predict each consultation is going to start this way. 


Why Am I Not On Page One of Google?


We know how frustrating it is to put the work in and not see the results you know you deserve. We’ve been there.


Let’s talk about how to climb the Google ranks.


Optimize All the Things

Assuming you’ve read this, added all the necessary website pages, and optimized them, it really is going to be up to the power that comes with blogging and patience. We know we know… that last word. It’s no fun to wait around for water to boil when you need it ‘yesterday.’


We understand. But you’re an entrepreneur, so we know that means you are in it for the long haul. Are you blogging yet? Let’s cover this one… 


why am I not on page one of google


So you’re not a writer. Or maybe you are. Either way, blogging is for everybody. While the content should be good, it doesn’t have to be perfect. We really mean this. Perfection is overrated. What your customers want and need is your expertise. You are the authority in your space and blogging offers you a great way to communicate with your audience. 


While blogs can be relatively short, it is best when they’re longer. 


Here are some tips:


  • 1000k + words (1500k is the sweet spot)
  • Do your keyword research
  • Quality and relevant content (related to keywords)
  • Research your competitors and know what they’re putting out there
  • Be consistent with your blogs (once a week is great)
  • Use backlinks to help build your authority


If you can, hire someone to write the blogs for you. If once a week is overwhelming, then try for a bi-weekly blog. As long as you’re consistent in putting something out there, you’ll be farther ahead than you would have been otherwise. 


Follow the guidelines your platform offers for blog optimization. We love using WordPress for our blogs. WordPress uses RankMath to help optimize your content for the best ROI. In this case, much of that will be your time which we already know is precious. 



What a concept. We know this is how it works but somehow, most of us want what we want now and haven’t yet mastered this mindset of patience. I personally can’t handle the unknown very well. However, I also know if I change course too much or change too many parts at once, I won’t be able to distinguish what was working (if anything) and what wasn’t. 

It’s going to take time. That’s how Google works. There are occasional exceptions to this rule, but it’s a hurry-up-and-wait kind of thing for the most part. 


I’ve seen Instagram Reels lately that highlight ‘the rule of 100.’ I haven’t researched this rule myself, but it doesn’t matter because the fact is that every time I hear it, I’m inspired. 


The rule of 100 states that if you spend 100 hours. in a year, which is 18 minutes a day, all of us, in any discipline, karate, violin, piano, whatever, if you spend 18 minutes a day, which is 100 hours a year, you’ll be better than 95% of the world. in that discipline. It’s just the consistency.

Ranking and SEO are hard to build and master. But, if you commit a portion of an hour each day to learning and getting better, you will. It’s not a secret. It’s a rule.

So then… it comes down to consistency and patience. This is much easier said than done. We know this. But, think about it this way {prep for more inspo}. If you start now, you’ll be so much further ahead one year from now. You’ll probably even be ranking on page one of Google. 


We’d love to hear from you. Are you concerned about your SEO stats? Let’s do an audit. Schedule a call today and we’ll get started. 


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