How a Local Business Blog Will Help You Grow Any Business

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Want to know how you can boost your business with a local business blog? We have some answers for you. Read on and find out how writing a regular local business blog will help you grow your business and ultimately increase your revenue.


How a local business blog will help you grow

Small businesses can benefit in a big way from having a blog on their website. By writing regular blog posts, businesses can keep their website updated with fresh content that will help to improve their SEO rankings and bring in more traffic from potential customers.

Fresh content is so important.


If you Google ‘how long does it take a website to rank on Google?’, you’ll see that it can take anywhere from three to six months. Honestly, we’d tell you it takes up to 9 months or more. However, in our experience, it depends on the keywords you use in addition to how competitive your particular industry is at the time.


We’ve all heard that anything worth something will take time. This is especially hard on the type A’s out there. Raise your hands! I know you’re there and I feel your pain. But, it’s true. The fact is, your reputation is worth the time it will take to build it properly. Blogging is a fantastic opportunity to increase your authority in the space you’ve chosen to build a business. You’re worth it and so are your customers. Come at it from that angle, and you’ll soon be ranking and unstoppable.


Additionally, businesses can use their local business blog to share news about their company, promote special offers and give customers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work there.


To get the most out of blogging for your business, be sure to choose a reputable local business blog host and write content that is both informative and engaging.


A local business blog is a great way for local businesses to connect with their customers and promote their products or services. By writing regular blog posts, businesses can keep their website updated with fresh content that will help to improve their SEO rankings and bring in more traffic from potential customers.


Blogging is also a great way to connect with customers on a more personal level. By sharing stories, insights and tips, businesses can create a more intimate relationship with their customers and show them that they care about their satisfaction.


Let’s talk a little more about incorporating stories into your marketing and local business blog. Storytelling has been around since the beginning of human civilization. We tell stories to remember things; this is how it was done before the written word. We tell stories to warn of danger, to comfort and console, to guide, and to inspire.


That last one is of the utmost importance in marketing. Inspiration is key and will target that oh-so-hard to target inner core; this is where your ideal customers really live. If you can tap into that, you’ve not only earned yourself an ideal customer, but a returning customer.


Tapping into that vein with your local business blog posts will give your business the opportunity to respond to customer feedback and show that you are open to suggestions.


Ultimately, a local business blog can be an extremely valuable tool for local businesses. By creating engaging content and building connections with customers, businesses can see a real return on their investment in blogging.


Tips for creating engaging content

When it comes to creating engaging content for your blog, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, be sure to choose a topic that you are passionate about. When you are excited about the topic you are writing about, it will show in your writing and readers will be more likely to engage with your content. You can’t go wrong with a from-the-heart kind of passion.

Create Engaging Content for Local Business Blogs

Let’s already work under the assumption that you’re passionate about your business. Whether it’s your products or the services you offer, you started for a reason. What is that reason? Remember this when you write. If you hire an outside writer to handle your local business blog posts, make sure they have a grasp on what and whom they’re writing for.


Second, be sure to write in an engaging and interesting style. Use strong verbs, descriptive adjectives and interesting anecdotes to keep readers engaged. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your readers; this will help you to gauge what topics they are most interested in and help you to create content that is relevant to them.


Curious to know how to grow inspiration that will hit your customers right where they live? Here’s a helpful roadmap about How To Apply The StoryBrand Marketing Strategy In 90 Days.


Some business owners still cringe at the idea of giving things away for free on a local business blog. Look, we get it. Nothing is really free, right? There’s always a price. But, it’s important to understand that we now live in a world where at least some initial things are free. Take social media for example. You don’t pay for Instagram, do you? If you do, we need to talk because you’re being scammed.


Social media influencers have figured out how to leverage social media to gain followers. They do this by establishing their presence with authority in any given space, and by giving away, at least initially, something of value to their followers. This is the bait. No fish in their right mind will go for bad bait, right? Right! So, you need to hook a long, thick, and juicy worm onto that hook. A worm that has relevance for your particular audience.

Giving Away Content on Your Blog

Let’s quickly cover the relevance issue. When your readers who are not yet customers have a question, they go to Google. Speaking of… can anyone out there who can remember how we found any answers to questions before Google? Asking for a ‘friend’. Anyhow, they go to Google, ask a question, and are then shown a SERP (search engine results page). That first SERP page is where you want your business to live. When you figure out the questions your customers want answers for, you can write content that will direct them toward your business.


At the end of each local business blog post you can include a CTA in the form of a question and ask them to answer below in the comments section.


Don’t be afraid to get personal. People need people. People love to know what and whom they’re supporting. Do you have loyal customers and employees? Don’t be afraid to give them all shout outs. Use your local business blog to connect and grow your social media. This will give you a repeated presence into the everyday lives of your customers.


Finally, make sure that your blog posts are well-written and edited. This may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how many blogs are published with poor grammar and spelling errors. By taking the time to properly edit your posts, you will ensure that your content looks professional and will be taken seriously by readers.


I cannot tell you how many blogs I’ve dismissed just for having poor grammar and spelling, not to mention repeated words and phrases that are too-obviously written by artificial intelligence.


A quick sidebar about AI. It’s not yet completely perfected and therefore, sounds, many times, like a robot is writing for you… this is because an actual robot is writing for you. Period. See what I just did there? I had an opinion. Robots don’t have those. If you’re trying to relate to other humans and you’re hoping to convert them into customers, you’ll want to use your instincts and natural language to accomplish that.


Once you’ve written a relatable article answering your customers most-asked questions, you can use Grammarly. This is a helpful tool to help you keep your grammar and spelling in check.



Measuring Your Blogs Success

How to measure the success of your local business blog

One of the most important things to keep track of when blogging is how well your content is performing. This can be done in a variety of ways, but some of the most important metrics to track are:


  • website traffic
  • engagement levels.


Traffic refers to the number of people who visit your local business blog. This can be measured in a number of ways, such as by counting the number of unique visitors or page views. By tracking website traffic, you can see whether your blog posts are attracting readers and whether your audience is growing over time.


Click here Increase Local Website Traffic for a blog we wrote about two easy ways you can increase your local website traffic.


Engagement refers to the level of interaction that readers have with your content. This can be measured in a number of ways, such as through the number of comments, shares or likes that a post receives. By tracking engagement levels, you can see what content is resonating with readers and determine which topics are most popular. You can then expand on those topics to create more intimacy with your customers, thereby increasing loyalty.


By keeping track of these statistics, you can ensure that your local business blog is providing value to your readers and helping to grow your business.


Are you going about trying to DIY your SEO? Here’s a blog we wrote with some tips. Click here Local SEO for Managers.


SEO can be overwhelming even for those experienced in the field. We love what we do and we are here to help you with all of your local business blog SEO needs.


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