Why Your Restaurant Needs Local SEO (and How to Do It)

A study in 2014 said that approximately 26% of Americans had ordered food from a restaurant in the previous year. That equates to nearly 83 million people. Give or take.

We also know that 72% of localized searches translate to a real world experience, in this case, a visit to the restaurant.

Still think that Local SEO or SEO for restaurants isn’t worth it?

Doubtful we’d guess.

For many, the term ‘SEO’ conjures up a world of mystery, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and we’ll show you why.

Local SEO for Restaurants: What?

Before we go too deep, let’s just clarify; SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO is exactly the same, but with a geographic target audience.

If your restaurant is in Manhattan, targeting customers in Phoenix isn’t a viable commercial model. You need to narrow that geographic area – get local.

SEO for restaurants makes sure people in your area find you.

An organic increase in the page rankings will lead to further footfall, higher revenues and of course, profits.


Firstly, you should update or register for Google my Business, the information should be accurate and kept up-to-date regularly – Google really doesn’t like dead links and misinformation.


Research is your friend. Think of the possible search terms that people may use to find a restaurant in your locale, better still, your restaurant.

Find out the keyword(s) that best relates to your business, style of food and location.


Don’t overlook the title – try and make it attractive as possible, include the keyword where you can, but only if you can make it fit without sounding false.

Meta Description

This is the bit that people read under the title, it’s quite difficult to get this right because you need to limit the characters to between 155 – 160.

Added to that, you should insert the critical words in the first half and try to use the keyword(s) twice if you can.

Picture This

The content on your site should be engaging, adding pictures to the content gives numerous benefits, least of all is that Google likes them. A lot.

Aside from keeping Google happy, it gives you another great opportunity to add tags that help with the search rankings (without being visible to viewers).

Get Social

The use of social media is now an important part of any business, and the more networks that you populate, the better it is for the all important SERP’s.

Even putting that aside, getting social with your client base is a great way of spreading your message and widening your client base.

Speaking of social … encourage your customers to leave reviews and interact with those reviews. Again, it helps to build your brand as a customer-centric company.

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