3 Ways Google Display Ads Are Better Than Adwords

We all know that search engine marketing (SEM) is a tricky tactic. Many times it feels as though you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, and just hoping for the best.

We’re here to tell you- if you’re spending all of this time and energy on SEM, you don’t need to just hope for the best.

You need to be using Google Display Ads, so you know you’re getting the best.

These strategically placed ads are proven to be much more successful, and easier to use, than Adwords. Don’t believe us?

Here’s the proof. Read on for our 3 legitimate reasons why Google Display Ads should be in your SEM strategy.

1. Completes Advertising Circle

Display advertisements, among other digital marketing strategies, don’t replace traditional advertising. But, instead, they sort of complement those efforts.

They help bridge the gap between digital and print advertising. Unfortunately, AdWords doesn’t create the same kind of resonance for users that the Google Display Network does.

The sponsored content seen through Adwords is all based on what users search for. These advertisements usually come in as direct links to customer products and services.

But, display ads allow you to tap into the online market through creative imagery. Customers can find you through what they have previously searched for online.

2. Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

The Google Display Network allows its buyers to take advantage of cost per thousand. That means that you pay a preset amount for every thousand of clicks.

AdWords, on the other hand, offers cost per click (CPC). With CPC, what you pay fluctuates greatly between your bidding amount.

On AdWords, where your ad falls on the page will have an impact on its cost.

Google Display Ads remove the guesswork of determining costs. Also, you don’t have to worry about irregular rankings.

You simply pay what is needed to rank higher than the person below you, which is figured out up front.

Also, it saves you from having to pay for impressions that weren’t viewable. This often occurs in CPC because those ads often receive poor placement.

3. Better Reach

Lastly, let’s discuss the reach of the Google Display Network.

According to Google, it can reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide. There are over 2 million Google sites within their network.

Within this network is a slur of blogs, news sites, and even Youtube channels. This kind of breadth is highly attractive to most marketers.

It may appear that Adwords has a better reach because it allows you to directly target users as they shop.

With Google ads, you’re not necessarily reaching customers in shopping mode. But, that’s a good thing. You’re not hounding them, which as we know, customers despise.

Instead, you’re nurturing them into your buying process. You’re establishing visibility and increasing brand awareness which goes a lot further in the long run.

How to Maximize Your Google Display Ads Strategy

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