How to Get More Dental Patients by Remarketing Ads

It costs somewhere between 3 to 30 times more to generate a new customer than to make sales to an existing client.

With numbers like these, remarketing ads to a customer actively searching for your services will be much more cost-effective.

Don’t give up on your past visitors — even if they haven’t converted into customers yet. The rule of seven says that it takes seven exposures to a marketing campaign before people take action.

But you can cut that time in half. How?

By using the newest technology in pay-per-click remarketing ads, and by applying these principles.

Increase Your Bids

When someone searches for local dentists in the area, they often type in the name of their hometown plus the word “dentist.” They will click to your website to check out the hours. They may also want to see how close you’re location is to them.

But then they leave, and continue searching for other dentists located in their city. You can increase your bids on the keywords only for prospective patients to your dental site within the last 30 days.

The ads for your dental practice will show up in all the other Google-optimized ad areas as they continue on with their search. They may be reading about the recipe they plan to make for dinner. Suddenly, an ad for your dental office add will show up in the sidebar.

This is extremely powerful.

After all, you are remarketing ads to people that have visited your site. So, you know they’re interested in your service. If your pay-per-click keyword campaigns are set up only this way, your marketing clicks will decrease.

Plus, you’ll spend less of your budget with a greater return on investment.

Bid Broader Keywords

You can bid on keywords that you haven’t in the past.

Choose keywords that people who recently visited your site might be interested in. Or, look at keywords that have led to previous conversions.

If someone has been on your website, you will want your ad to show up in Google. Yes, even if they only search for “dentist office” next time they use Google search.

Remember that your future customers need to see your ad multiple time for them to take action.

You already know they have been by your website, so they are most likely in your neighborhood. All these principles can be used across platforms with Facebook, YouTube and even in conjunction with your current email marketing list.

You need to remind them you are there. Then, entice them with a serious call to action. Bandwagon and sentimental headlines can be customized into your remarketing ads.

More Information On Remarketing Ads

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