5 Ways to Develop Your Digital Presence

Everything happens online these days. We use the internet to connect with friends and family, meet new people, find new jobs, and learn pretty much anything.

Online services have transformed every simple task from getting a ride to going grocery shopping. Even figuring out our fashion sense or needed nutrients is possible with a few touches of a button now, too.

For consumers, such technological advancements make life easier to manage. For businesses, it might actually be harder to create the market presence they’re looking for.

It’s hard to reach your target market when there’s so much digital stimulation going on. That’s why developing a strong digital presence is more important now than ever.

To start getting ranked and boosting traffic, use the following search initiatives.

1. Take Your Time with Web Development

Your company website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. As such, don’t just buy a domain name and call it a day. Take the time to develop each landing page with all the right on-site optimization tools for you.

Note, you may need a web developer, graphic designer, or copywriter for this – possibly a mix of all three services. This is an investment worth making.

Such services now create the foundation for your search successes later. They create a beautiful design with UX and UI in mind, which is also reflective of the latest search algorithm advancements.

2. Go Mobile

One algorithm change making waves this year is the mobile-first index. This is Google’s way of recognizing that mobile is beginning to matter more than desktop content.

The catch is, though, your mobile and desktop content should already be the same. Not to say that all your web elements will display the same. Menus and landing pages should adjust between various sizes of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

But, there should only be one URL, one website with a responsive design. This is what makes your mobile strategy as seamless as can be.

It takes the old-school approach of having one URL for desktop purposes and a separate site for mobile and combines everything. The result? A single, fully-optimized site where you can track the strength of your digital presence from all angles.

3. Be Social

As much as your website matters, it’s not the only thing that boosts how you’re found and recognized online. Social media plays a huge role in digital marketing, too.

Open an account on all the major channels if you haven’t already. Between a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat and/or Pinterest account, you’ll be set. Don’t forget about Google My Business either, although that’s more for search support than purely social initiatives.

Of all your channels, have a focus on one or two. But, make sure you’re interacting everywhere. Comment back to users, like what others posts, respond to tags and make a few tags of others yourself.

4. Start a Blog

To keep the conversation going back and forth from social to your website, start a blog. This is your ultimate source of content. It’s where you can keep publishing new, relevant information that will boost your search strategy.

Not to mention, blogging reflects your expertise.

Write about updates in your industry or how your products work. Start writing guest posts to lead people back to your site from other online destinations, too.

5. Create a Local Focus

Last but not least, tweak some of your SEO practices to have more of a local focus.

Local SEO includes tactics like:

  • Making your NAP consistent
  • Using location-oriented keywords
  • Creating online interactions with local businesses and media platforms
  • Writing about area-specific insights on your blog

Such strategies take your overall approach to search and make you more available to users in your immediate area. This is extremely beneficial if you only have on physical location, or when expanding into a new geographical market.

Take Your Digital Presence One Step Further

To really make the most of your digital presence, call in the experts. There are plenty of professionals operating in the SEO space to help businesses connect with their target.

But, you can’t just hire anyone for the job. Hire a team with a clear working knowledge of the industry and a strong history of creating search successes for clients; hire Rebel Fish.

For more on what we offer and how we operate, contact us today!


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