What Are The Best Blogging Styles RebelFish Local Has Used?

So you want to know about the best blogging styles and our favorite ways to write them? We’ve got your answers…


What Are The Best Blogging Styles RebelFish Local Has Used?

It can be daunting to repeatedly come up with fresh content for blogs and marketing. We’ve narrowed our favorite approaches of best blogging styles down to two with a bonus.

  1. Project 24
  2. They Ask, You Answer
  3. Bonus: StoryBrand Framework for blogging success!


In conjunction with the StoryBrand framework for developing a clear marketing message, we’ve found both approaches incredibly helpful from both a website traffic and customer service perspective.


Ready rebels? Let’s talk about the best blogging styles…

Having Trouble Writing Blogs?

Project 24

The Project 24 System is an online program packed with resources and guidance to help you create a successful business. The full blogging system focuses on finding the right niche and topics for content, learning the right execution, and tracking success along the way. It offers extensive guidelines on how to get started, helpful tips to keep the momentum going, and tools that can automate certain aspects of business tasks as they scale up.

Further insights from Project 24 include tutorials on discovering interesting blog topics, videos on optimizing SEO practices and keyword research for blog posts, an insider’s look into creating viral content, and podcasts that cover all sorts of different aspects related to writing engaging content.

All these learning materials are designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs the best start possible when it comes to launching their online businesses. With tried-and-tested advice from established industry professionals and detailed instructions on building your brand image online, Project 24 provides all the resources necessary to succeed online.

RebelFish Local has been at this for a decade now, so we’re not newbies to marketing. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that Project 24 is just for those starting a business. We’ve found this program incredibly helpful and beneficial.

If you Google it now, search results for ‘how long does it take for a website to rank’ will tell you anywhere from 3-6 months to rank on the first page. This is if you’re consistently uploading quality content in a space with low competition. It will definitely take longer if you are competing with established brands and companies. But, if you remain committed to quality and consistency, it is possible to rank well with more time.

Project 24 is a complete system and of the best blogging styles that will take you step by through what you need to do in order to accomplish a high ranking.


Marketing tools for you to consider for better and more efficient content.


What Are The Best Blogging Styles?

They Ask, You Answer

As a business owner, you’re at it day in and day out and, therefore, are familiar with the questions you get from your customers consistently. So, instead of using more and more of your time by answering each of them personally, why not put it in the form of content that you can use repeatedly?

This is especially helpful for the beginning of any transaction; informational intent is when your potential customer is searching for basic information about your product or service.

This will save you a ton of time and help to filter out those who will not be an ‘ideal customer fit.’

They Ask, You Answer is a revolutionary program that has been transforming the way organizations market and sell their products and services. This program was designed to help businesses understand the basics of digital sales and marketing by utilizing customer questions as the foundation for strategies.

By asking customers about their interests, needs, wants, and experiences, businesses gain valuable insights into their target audience and can tailor their approach to reaching them in an effective way. By answering the questions your business regularly receives, you’re putting the needs of your customers first and will help guide them more smoothly through the sales process.

The program emphasizes honing a comprehensive strategy that answers customer questions accurately as well as reveals key information about the features of a company’s products or services. By taking time to truly engage in conversation with customers online, organizations are much more likely to succeed in reaching their intended audience in a targeted, effective manner.

Moreover, They Ask, You Answer can also automate processes through which queries can be sent back automatically as a response. This helps to save time and resources while still allowing companies to get customer feedback that can shape their digital sales goals.

At RebelFish Local, we’ve been loving this strategy and we consider it one of the best blogging styles. We often get the same questions from clients and potential clients, and we’ve loved the ability to send them the link to a blog that answers their specific question(s).

Generally, the idea is to answer the question in 500 words. However, since we’re the expert in our field, we don’t limit ourselves. You’re the expert in your field too, so if you have the answer, share it however many words you can or need. Just be sure to make it relatable and easy to read and understand. Style matters!



Time For New Content

StoryBrand Framework

The StoryBrand Framework is an incredibly valuable tool for businesses looking to clarify their message and reach more customers. By understanding this framework’s seven steps, companies can successfully craft a message that resonates with their target audience in an effective and powerful way. The seven-part StoryBrand framework consists of: the hook, hero, villain, plan, guide, success story, and call-to-action.

The StoryBrand Framework is quickly becoming one of the go-to marketing tools for businesses of all sizes and easily one of the best blogging styles available. Developed by marketer Donald Miller, the tool helps business owners take a story-based approach to marketing and communication. The entire framework is based on the idea that customers should be placed at the center of a hero’s journey, enabling businesses to provide customers with an engaging narrative they can relate to.

Using this framework helps businesses create a simple story structure based on customer needs instead of product features. It puts your ideal customer at the center of their own story as they embark on a heroic journey to solve their problem with your help. Hint, hint… you’re the guide in this customer-centered journey.

This approach allows businesses to communicate immediate value and establish a connection with customers during the storytelling process. The guide portion of the StoryBrand Framework can also provide important details about products or services that can help move potential customers further down the funnel.

Once you understand each part of the 7-step process, you’ll have a clearer message and be able to structure it in such a way that resonates better with potential customers. This includes distinguishing your competition from your brand, introducing yourself as a guide for your consumers’ journey, creating tension during their decision-making process, and more.

You will benefit from building trust and loyalty with your consumers if you map out this journey effectively. Each step provides clear guidance on how to craft an effective message that can make an instant impression on your target audience—helping build customer relationships from day one!

Including a success story reinforces the credibility and reliability of your business by showcasing how others have benefited from your solution. With these elements combined in one clear message, you’ll be well-equipped to grow your business.

Learn more about this framework for marketing and one of the best blogging styles out there by reading How Do You Use A StoryBrand BrandScript.


Okay, REBELS, get to your blogging. We’d love to know how you’re coming along… Tell us in the comments.


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