Does RebelFish Write Blog Posts? Yes, to Inspire and Convert!

Do You Write Blog Posts For Your Blog?

Often our clients ask us, “Do you write blog posts?” Yes, we do! Not only does RebelFish Local write blog posts, but we also make sure they’re well-written and optimized properly for SEO purposes. We’re committed to writing articles that inspire and lead to sales.

Does RebelFish Local Write Blog Posts?

Did you know that Google changes its ranking algorithm up to 600 times yearly? That’s enough to make a head spin uncontrollably. This inevitably makes a local business (one that wants to show up on local searches) more difficult.

So, what’s a business to do? Well, we say BLOG! RebelFish Local will write blogs as part of our Local SEO + Content + Get Reviews Package. Schedule a call today, and we’ll get started with your free audit so you know how your website is currently performing.

Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can DIY or hire someone to write blog posts for you.

Here are some tips for both options.

DIY Blogging

If you’re a writer or feel you have some talent in this area, then have a go and write blog posts for your site. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • 1200-1500 words is best!
  • Know what keywords you’re going to use and write around them.
  • Original content (do not plagiarize, Google knows).
  • Quality content; relevant, informative, and helpful.
  • Understand and implement backend SEO strategy for every blog.
  • Write and post blogs consistently.
  • Link to external websites relevant to the topic and link to internal pages.
  • Utilize calls to action.


DIY Blogging Tips

Hire A Writer

If you decide to hire someone to write blog posts for yoru business blog, here are some things to consider.

  • Business specialty; if you are in finance, medicine, or other specialty, you want someone who is familiar and knowledgeable in that subject area.
  • What type of content are you expecting them to write?
  • How much content are you expecting them to produce per month?
  • What topics do you want to be covered? Any topics they must avoid?
  • Do you want them to provide titles or descriptions besides the article? Or are you providing the outline (keywords and other research included)?
  • Ask other business owners and associates if they can recommend a writer.


Hiring a Writer For Blog Posts

Finding the Right Writer to Write Blog Posts

Hiring the right writers to write blog posts for your blog can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. To build up your blog with quality content, you must carefully search for the perfect fit. Before looking at potential writers, make sure you are clear on your expectations. This information will help simplify the hiring process.

To find potential candidates to write blog posts for your blog, look on job boards, independent contractors’ sites, writing associations, and social media. Evaluate applicants based on their industry experience, writing style, and portfolio samples. Check for grammar and spelling errors in resumes and samples as they show a lack of attention to detail. After selecting a writer, give them clear instructions and access to research materials.

Just because someone is a good writer, in general, does not mean they’d be a good fit for the specific tasks you need to be completed. A great fiction writer doesn’t always know how to translate their talent into a documentary-style project. A quality writer should be able to provide you with samples of different styles of writing, or at the very least, the style of writing you need.

Finding Blog Post Writers

To determine the quality of a writer’s work, requesting samples or commissioning a paid trial piece is recommended. Assessing their ability to perform at a high level and ensuring their writing style aligns with your needs can aid in selecting the appropriate candidate to write blog posts for your blog. We’d suggest meeting via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype to understand their personality better and determine whether someone is a good fit.

Take your time looking for the right person to write blog posts. It’s so much better to spend the time upfront than to hire someone and find out later that their content isn’t getting the job done.


Let’s talk more about what that means…

Quality Blogging

One of the best things you can do to increase your online presence and authority is blogging. Blogging is not dead, no matter what you hear from anyone. We have been doing this for almost a decade and can confidently say blogging still benefits a business’s website.

Something we think is important to mention is that blogging isn’t as simple as ‘just writing.’ Quality blogging is more complicated than that.

Well-written blogs that provide quality, original content that is properly optimized will help you soar in Google rankings. This must all happen consistently in order for Google to notice and reward you with traffic.

Quality Blogging Tips

Have you heard of StoryBrand? Find out how to use and implement the StoryBrand BrandScript to engage your customers by inviting them into their own story… starring your products and services, of course!

Whoever you hire to write your blogs should have the ability to engage your readers and ultimately call them to action in a way that makes them want to ‘add to cart.’ Not only that, but, the backend SEO must be done correctly. If you have decided to DIY, then we always suggest using WordPress, which uses RankMath on the backend to help with proper SEO strategy.



Have Patience

Why is this always so difficult? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to change the fact that it will take time to begin to rank on Google.

You’ll need to view this as a long-term investment, as it can take, on average, around 7 months for Google to begin to rank your posts. Occasionally we’ve seen ranking happen faster, but most of the time, it will take anywhere from 6-18 months. Other factors, like how new a website is and whether it has new pages or posts or if it needs some issues fixed, will also determine the time it takes to rank.

It will take time, but if you use writing articles as part of your strategy to build a solid local SEO foundation, Google will begin to recognize you as authoritative and trustworthy, which will signal them to send you more traffic for your local area.


Happy writer hunting, Rebels!


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