6 Ways To Get More Local Website Traffic

How to Get More Website Traffic

Every small business owner wants to get more local website traffic. Here are the top 6 strategies that are working for our clients so you can start doing the happy dance as your business grows.

6 Ways To Get More Local Website Traffic

  1. Optimize metadata and local keywords
  2. Check your local web citations
  3. Build up links and backlinks
  4. Create relevant and original content
  5. Turn your content into a campaign
  6. Answer your customers’ questions


I honestly can’t remember the last time a day went by when I didn’t use Google to search for something. Whether it is a specific item I am looking for online or the menu of a local restaurant, I use it every single day. Can you recall what life was even like prior to Google? I can… but I don’t love it. There’s nothing that made me more miserable than the community library card catalog and Dewey Decimal System. But I’m not a numbers person.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re likely using the internet as your primary tool for finding everything. And so… as a local business, it is a necessity to get more local website traffic. Like it or not, the internet is here to stay, and for now, this is how we find things.

Considering how many people use online search engines to find a local business, it’s surprising that so many businesses don’t understand the need to increase their online presence using their website pages to get more local website traffic. Whether it is because there are simply too many things to do each day that SEO falls by the wayside, or it is just too big of an idea to wrap our heads around, we end up ignoring our SEO, and our businesses suffer.

If you want to grow your business, you must have a marketing strategy that includes SEO for your website in order to get more local website traffic.


Alright… ready, set, let’s go!

How To Get More Local Website Traffic

How to Get More Local Website Traffic

Local SEO is crucial for businesses to rank higher in local search engine results. To increase website traffic from local customers, businesses need to consider the unique needs of their target area. Web content writing services can help by creating relevant content with specific keywords for local areas. Optimizing metadata and citations can also improve SERP rankings and attract Google’s attention to help get more local website traffic. Building quality links to trustworthy websites and creating locally-relevant content is crucial for driving website traffic in local markets.

A successful local SEO campaign involves more than just keyword optimization; it also requires unique approaches, such as building backlinks and encouraging customer reviews. With proper research, testing, and implementation of best practices, businesses can increase their visibility and attract more visitors and leads from their locality. These efforts can help businesses stand out in their local communities and boost online visibility, leading to increased website traffic and conversions through SEO techniques tailored for the target audience.

Optimize Metadata and Local Keywords

The process of local SEO involves conducting a thorough analysis of the metadata on each page in order to get more local website traffic.

Optimizing metadata and local keywords is essential for businesses to get found in search engine results. Metadata, which includes each page’s title tag and meta description, should contain relevant, geo-modified keywords related to the business. Google’s algorithms are equipped with recognizing words that will best answer searchers’ queries; because of this, it’s important to show search engines that your content and services are useful to the searcher.

In addition to metadata optimization, keywords should be tailored to target customers in a designated geographic region or city, so Google knows where your business is located relative to those who may be seeking out what you offer. With the right combination of off-page signals and strong local SEO tactics like optimizing metadata and local keywords, businesses can increase their visibility when users in their desired areas search for products or services they offer.

To reach local customers, use location-specific keywords that Google can find to help get more local website traffic. Include the names of the cities you operate in to rank for those keywords and boost local web traffic. Screaming Frog is a tool that can help simplify this process.

Check Your Local Web Citations

One way to increase a business’ local web traffic is through citations. Accurate and up-to-date citations enable local search ranking success, as 90 percent of experts rate this factor as critical. It’s entirely possible that there are citations for your business that you have no idea about, which is where an SEO company can help.

Citations are a major factor in ranking any website page in search engine algorithms and help you to get more local website traffic. For local businesses, accurate citations are especially essential not only because many people find locations of interest through them but because businesses with consistent NAP information (name, address, and phone number) on various sites are more likely to show up at the top of searches than those without or with inconsistent information. Therefore, it’s important for companies to add new citations or update old ones regularly to ensure their listings get good visibility by searchers.

Link Building for my Business

Build Up Links and Backlinks

Links and backlinks are essential to SEO as they can dramatically impact your business’s success online. Internal links help users navigate your website from one page to another, while external links point them to other websites or pages. Both strategies effectively increase web traffic and boost your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. But among all the SEO tools, backlinks have the greatest potential impact to help you get more local website traffic.

Backlinks are created by getting links from other sites pointing to yours. These links can come from social media posts, other websites, guest posts, forums, or anything related to your content topic. Quality is key in any link-building strategy in order to get more local website traffic; having high-quality backlinks that point to relevant content will go much further than spammy links from sources with low domain authority.

Reputable directories such as Yelp provide added credibility and trustworthiness for both small business owners and customers seeking a legitimate source for more information and reviews. Backlinks can ultimately make or break a website’s performance, so it is important to focus efforts on building meaningful links that bring quality visitors through organic search engine optimization.


Here’s a helpful 90 Day Plan to get more local clients and help you get more local website traffics.

Create Relevant and Original Content

Google loves and rewards businesses for writing relevant and original content. And trust us when we say… Google knows! The bots crawl all over the web, constantly scanning for new content. It recognizes when something has been plagiarized and will punish a website for this.

Honesty and originality are the best policies when it comes to creating your business’s online content to get more local website traffic. Besides, who wants an inorganic experience when looking for something specific? Not us!

If your head is spinning trying to think of how to create original content, refer to number 6 on this list. That will help you get more local website traffic!

Website Content Creation

Turn Your Content Into a Campaign

Once you’ve crafted your original and relevant content, it’s time to choose what to use to create a campaign. RebelFish Local uses email campaigns, and we’ve loved the results. Our audience now expects a blog with related weekly emails that are relevant to what they know us for; local SEO.

If you already have an email list, then this is something to consider. If you don’t, start one. If you’re not quite ready to turn content into entire campaigns, then be sure to save your content and create a spreadsheet with an idea brain dump so that you can go back and refer to it when you’re ready. This will serve you well and save you time, along with helping you to get more local website traffic!

Here are some tips for your marketing campaigns:

Start with a core piece of content.

Your core content should provide a comprehensive view and understanding of the topic. Use a value-based approach giving relevant and valuable information to your target audience.

When producing new content, it is crucial to have an initial concept. Popular forms include videos and ebooks, but interactive elements such as quizzes and interviews can also be used. The final product should provide value and a deeper understanding of the chosen topic.

It’s all about the value your readers feel they’re getting. Always ask yourself, “Does this provide value?”

Look for stories to tell using your core content as inspiration.

To find stories in your content, review it carefully and identify relevant information. Look for snippets that can become engaging stories. People prefer stories over dry facts, so consider what content will keep your audience interested. If your content is light, find ways to add detail for a fuller experience.

Identify valuable content pieces and consider the most interesting subjects. People are drawn to content that excites them or answers their questions. Find relatable items or features within your content to help readers understand your message and that will help you to get more local website traffic.

Keep your message simple!

A good marketing campaign should have a singular message that conveys the value of your product or service. When crafting this message, it’s important to avoid trying to provide too much information in one divisible piece. Try breaking it into pieces if you can’t convey your message concisely. That could give you additional content if you find yourself struggling.

If you’re still having difficulty simplifying your message, a brand messaging framework can be very helpful. This framework helps identify the key messages a company wants to communicate and organize them for maximum impact in order to get more local website traffic.

Choose the right format to deliver your marketing message.

When considering a marketing campaign for success, it’s important to ensure the divisible packages for the content are chosen correctly in order to get more local website traffic. The channels in which your campaign will be promoted should be considered when selecting a format. Visuals are perfect for popular social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, whereas thought-leadership articles may work better for networks like LinkedIn. Therefore, you need to consider the type of medium and the preferred delivery method to make a lasting impact on the audience.

Choosing an appropriate format also depends on your campaign’s desired outcome and goals. Visuals will likely work best if you’d like to increase engagement and maximize reach, thanks to their high potential for emotional communication. On the other hand, if you’d like to establish yourself as an industry expert, then thought-leadership pieces and detailed facts about your topic could be most effective.

Remember that your ideal client is your target audience. So, always keep that in mind when creating campaigns to get more local website traffic.

Repurpose old blog content.

Think about creating assets like infographics, webinars, and ebooks from past blog posts. This would be a great way to engage people’s curiosity as well as attract potential customers looking for valuable information related to the topic. Moreover, your emails should also capture the attention of those who have already visited your blog post but need further convincing; therefore, engage users through appealing visuals and compelling messages within your emails. Doing this can help increase customer loyalty and draw more traffic to your website, making repurposing blog content for different channels a valuable marketing tool.


Are you struggling with SEO in any way? Schedule a call today, and we’ll get your audit started so you know how your website is currently performing and what you need to do to get more local website traffic.

Answer Your Customers’ Questions

This can be huge for local business in order to get more local website traffic. Keep a log of questions you’re asked regularly. If they ask questions, you need to provide an answer. After all, you’re the one with the solution to their problem. Brainstorm what your customers ask you and what they think when they ask their questions.

Answer Your Customer's Questions

Are they worried about specific things? Address those worries. Do they want to know why something costs so much? Provide the low down on why something costs what it costs. Give them the backstory. I’d rather buy something from a business that is willing to be upfront with costs and prices. Educating your customers will make them feel more well-informed and confident in their buying decisions. That usually results in increased word-of-mouth referrals because you’ve earned trust. Win!

Being honest and doing the best you can to offer information and guidance will always win you more business. Answering your customers’ questions can be a great way to link your website to local review sites too.

Think about it… if a plumber gets questions over and over again from all of his customers, then it would be a natural time-saver to compile the answers to all of those questions and put them together in a way that makes sense for the customer, i.e., email, website, blogs, etc. It’s also a great way to capture email addresses for campaigns.

A last example and something to ponder… think about all the questions and concerns someone has when taking their car to a mechanic. Mechanics are notoriously crooked and take advantage of anybody they can, right? So, if you’re a mechanic, you’re already starting at a low point regarding reputation. If you can compile all of the answers to the questions and reasonably address your customers’ concerns in a way that makes sense to them, you’ll climb that trust-earning mountain quickly and get more local website traffic.


Okay, REBELS! Take this and run with it. Tell us what you’ve learned and how you’re going to get more local website traffic.


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