Damage Control: How to Repair a Bad Online Reputation in 3 Easy Steps

Imagine that you woke up one morning to find that someone has posted nasty comments about you and your business online.

What would you do to repair the damage? Are you prepared to deal with the situation the right way?

Did you know that 88% of consumers are influenced by customer reviews and more people are likely to share a negative experience rather than a positive one?

Customer reviews are a big deal and you need a positive reputation to build a strong brand.

Whether it’s a few negative online reviews or being let go from a job, a damaged online reputation can hurt you.

Check out three easy repair tips to try when you need to improve your reputation.

1) Act. Don’t React.

It’s important to act and not react. Reacting will only add fuel to the fire.

You need to extinguish the blaze as quickly and efficiently as possible. Find out what caused the negative reviews.

How can you end the conversation so you can begin to repair your image?

An expert reputation management agency can help you act appropriately and rebuild your reputation.

Having the right team to help you can strengthen your brand and increase sales.

2) Respond to Your Critics

You respond to the positive reviews and remarks, so why not respond to the negative ones?

When you ignore the negative remarks, you are letting your customers and potential customers know that you may be hiding something. Or even worse, that you don’t care.

Respond online and then take it offline by contacting the person or persons who are dissatisfied with you.

Have an open dialogue. Be sincere and authentic.

By responding this way, you may even find that the critic will take down their original review.

Be respectful, but stand up for yourself and your business.

3) Get More Positive Reviews

This may seem like a no-brainer, but to help dilute the negative reviews, you need more positive reviews.

An expert reputation management agency can help you collect real reviews from your customers by creating a custom website and landing page to collect organic reviews and star ratings.

How will you get these reviews? Ask for customer testimonials.

What did they like best? Would they recommend your service?

This can help get your customers to respond in a favorable way and be more specific.

The more favorable the reviews, the more trustworthy you become. Trust is important in gaining customers and keeping them.

Happy customers become loyal fans of your business and can increase your sales!

Are You Ready to Improve Your Online Reputation?

Developing a positive online reputation is vital to your business.

Let us help you turn your happy customers into brand enthusiasts and increase your sales!

Contact us today so we can help you get more positive reviews and pave your way to success.


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