Does Your Local SEO Consultant Get You Results?

Local SEO consultants should get you results within 10 months.

That means you are on page 1 of Google and on Google Map 3 Pack for your most profitable keyword. But the problem is most clients that come to us are working with an agency and are ranking for keywords that don’t bring in extra revenue to their local business.

DONUT click back…I can’t wait to give you a SWEET look at why I do what I do! Today, I’m sharing my favorite part of my job.

Growing up my parents loved competing in sports so of course, they’d teach us to love to win also. Every year in AWANA (it’s like Girl Scouts but at church) there was a Grand Pix. My dad would always ask us 4 girls, “do you want to win for speed or design”?

I ALWAYS said speed so my little wooden car was a wedge and having an engineer dad means that the weights and design had to be perfect so I’d win. Yes, parents and kids would make comments saying, “they always win” but my dad would show up before AWANA with his saw and tools so he could cut cars for the kids whose dads didn’t have those skills.

I take this winning attitude into doing local SEO.

Before taking on a new client we do a mini audit and try to figure out which keyword would be the most profitable and which one do we think you could actually rank for in the next 10 months.

Sometimes business owners get frustrated when we tell them “you’ll never be able to rank for that” but we always find even better keywords.

Getting results is my favorite part of being a local SEO consultant.

This summer we changed how we report results to clients. Our team loves the new process and our clients love it too.

First, to have full transparency clients can check in on what work our team is completing by logging into their Basecamp project anytime.

Second, on a monthly basis, we make an easy to read report so that you see your reviews increase, rankings get closer to page 1, and backlinks increase.

We used to do a monthly call to show results live but didn’t have it in an easy to read report so if the marketing manager needed to report to the owner it was tough to explain what we were doing.

Third, throughout the month when you get results we film a little Loom video to show you how excited so you can get excited too.

If you don’t think local SEO will work for you, read this blog about 5 industries that benefit the most from it.

In January we hit the 5-year milestone of being local SEO consultants.

If you’ve been in business for a while maybe changing up your process will help you get more results too. If any consultant you work with doesn’t show you the results then push back and ask.

There are many tools that give you reports that you can set up yourself to track. We like SEMRush. It’s really easy to use.

What’s your favorite part of what you do? DM me on social.

If you are a marketing manager or local business owner, click the “schedule call” button at the top of this page and tell us you want a mini local SEO audit.


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