How to Get More Customer Reviews on Google

More than ever, businesses rely on online reviews to attract new customers. But how can you get more reviews?

Reviews are usually the first thing that consumers look at when browsing products on any site. And it’s the same when they search for businesses.

It’s not just the rating that matters, but the number of reviews. You should also spread out your presence beyond Google reviews, to other sites such as Yelp.

Here are some ways to get more customers to review your business on Google.

Set Up Your Business Page

The first step to get more reviews is to ensure that you have an accurate business page set up on Google. Without this, your customers can’t leave reviews.

To do this, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the
  • Click “Start Now”
  • Fill out the business information
  • Agree to the terms of service and state that you are responsible for managing the business
  • Click “continue” to create your Google+ page

You will have to verify that it is your business. This will ensure that the correct information shows up in Google searches and that you receive all the reviews from your customers.

With that Google+ page, you can post information about products and services as well as interact with customers. This will increase your visibility and encourage reviews.

Send Out Email Reminders

Asking your customers for reviews is easier if you have your customers’ email addresses.

After providing a service, send a follow-up email to ensure that your customer is satisfied. Include a link to Google reviews for your business and politely ask your customer to rate your service.

If you provide routine services to customers, be sure to include that link in every service reminder email you send. The more often a customer sees a polite reminder, the more likely they are to write that review.

Of course, only a fraction of people will pay attention to those emails, so you need to find other ways to gently request a review.

Physical Reminders

You can add the request that you would have in the email on the back of your business card or at the bottom of a receipt. This may entice a customer to immediately take action.

After you’ve completed your service, your customer is likely to review the receipt. If he/she sees that request to write a review, it might get written faster. The service is still fresh in your customer’s mind, so it’ll take less effort for them to write.

You can also encourage your employees to verbally ask customers to write reviews after completing a service. They can point to the web address to assist customers who may not be familiar with writing reviews.

Simple Steps to Get More Reviews

Getting more reviews isn’t easy, and it always starts with providing the best customer service possible. But if you follow these steps, you will be on the way to attracting more customer reviews in no time.

Of course, building your reputation isn’t only about customer reviews. You need to be proactive and continuously build your company’s online presence.

If you need more help getting more reviews for your business, just contact us.


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