How Often Should I Update Google Business Listing?

According to a recent study, a whopping 56% of local businesses have not claimed their Google my business listing. This means that the more often you do an update google business listing, you become ahead of the crowd and can reap the rewards of more sales.

Google made 1,653 changes to its search engines just last year alone, it can be hard to stay ahead of the changes, especially when you need to promote your business.

Thanks to Google, you can effectively manage your own business listing, which allows your presence to be active and up to date. If you are a business owner, putting your business on Google listings should be on the top of your to-do list.

But how often do you need to update google business listing? This is a question many local businesses have, and we are here to answer that. Let’s jump into it.

What is Google My Business?

Google my business is a very easy to use dashboard status where small and local business owners can manage their online presence and be found on Google’s search engine.

Ever search for a local pizza parlor or a nearby grocery store while traveling? That is Google my business page bringing forth their information conveniently.

You can find the names, phone number, address on Google maps, reviews, directions and links to their websites all under that initial search.

If you are a small business owner, creating a google my business profile will not only help you earn trust from potential customers, but it will also improve your search rankings.

When Is It Time to Update Google Business Listing?

There are a variety of questions that Google wants you to fill out to improve the accuracy of your local search results. If you do not answer them, Google will ask your recent customers those questions for you.

“Suggest an Edit” Changes

When a customer recently visits your business, Google will prompt them with questions to better define your services. When a customer suggests an edit, Google can just change that information without you knowing, so staying on top of this will ensure you can either accept or decline those changes.

You Move or Change Contact Information

If you change any details about your business, such as adding a new location, updating your website URL, phone number, or even services, make sure you log into your Google dashboard status and update those changes.

You Are Creating a New Post

An exciting feature of Google my business is that you can create mini ads for events such as sales, links to blog posts, upcoming workshops, and even spread some joy over the holidays.

Taking advantage of these features will help you rank better, create a good persona, and also ensure that your information is updated correctly.

Want to Improve Your Local Business Rankings?

If you are not visible to local traffic on Google, then you do not exist. We are here to help optimize and improve your search rankings with our local SEO services.

Contact us at any time for more information on how to rock your local search rankings.


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