How to Add a Business to Google Maps

Google parses over 4 billion searches from users all over the world every day. That means, in order to maximize your exposure on the platform, you’ll want to integrate your business as deeply as possible with its product suite.

Among Google’s most popular products is Google Maps. Google Maps enables billions of people to navigate the world on a macro scale and their local communities on a micro scale.

Expanding on micro scale, to help your local business get discovered by Google Maps users, you’ll want to make sure the service lists your organization. To get started and add a business to Google Maps, simply follow the below steps!

1) Head Over to Google My Business

Google My Business is where business owners can register their companies with the search engine. To get the process started, simply navigate to the Google My Business website and click on the prompt that says, “Get on Google” or “Start Now”.

2) Check If Your Business is Listed

There is a possibility that, even if you haven’t manually added your local business to Google, it already exists on the platform. To check, one of the first things you’ll need to do to get started with Google my Business is to enter your business’ address in the search bar they’ll present you with.

If your business is already listed with the service, you will have the opportunity to claim it. If it’s not, you can click an option to add your business.

3) Input Your Business’ Important Information

When you add a business to Google Maps and Google’s other products, you’ll need to provide Google with important information in regard to your organization.

This information will include things like your address, phone number, business name, category and more.

It’s important to remember that the more specific you are when filling out this information, the more success you’ll find. SEO and Local SEO rely on a wide variety of data-driven factors to connect users with your products and services. The more information you give Google, the better it will be at connecting relevant parties to your business.

4) Get Verified

To prevent strangers from claiming your businesses, Google has a verification process. This process typically includes Google sending a pin number to your business’ physical address.

Once you receive your pin number, you can contact Google, let them know what the pin number was, and you’ll be verified.

You have 30 days from when the pin number is sent out to verify your business before it expires.

5) Set Up Your Google+ Profile

Once you’ve verified your business, you’ll be prompted to set up a Google+ profile. Through that profile, you’ll be able to further manage your business’ information and visage across Google’s product suite.

After you’ve completed this process, your business should appear on Google Maps!

Wrapping Up How to Add a Business to Google Maps

If you’re wondering how to add a business to Google maps, the process is as easy as following the steps above. Be sure to read Google’s prompts throughout the registration process carefully as things change from time to time.

After completing registration, be sure to give Google a little bit of time to add your business to Google maps before seeking customer support.

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