10 Ways to Build Online Reputation

Building your brand’s online reputation is one of the most important things you can do in today’s Internet-focused market.

Here are ten steps that you can take to build your brand’s reputation and conquer the top spot on Google.

1. Sell Less, Say More

Understandably, you might be a little baffled while we’re telling you to focus less on selling to your market. But hear us out for a minute.

Imagine you’re shopping at your favorite store. A salesperson comes up to you and immediately pressures you to buy an item you’re looking at.

You’re probably going to feel uncomfortable, right? So will your audience if you’re not talking to them like people.

Sometimes the best way to solidify a great reputation is by prioritizing people over product.

2. Create A Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is one of the simplest and most helpful tools one can use to build online reputation, and you’re making a huge mistake if you’ve yet to sign up for an account.

With resources, guides, and of course, a great listing solution, My Business is something every business owner should use for their local SEO efforts.

3. Set Up Google Alerts For Your Brand

To best direct the general conversation around your brand, you’ll first need to find out where that conversation is taking place.

Set up a Google Alert for your brand so that you receive a notification anytime someone mentions your company.

4. Build A Library Of Content

Content creation is one of the pillars of modern day marketing. But if your blog resembles a ghost town, you’re not going to draw much attention to your brand.

Establish your reputation as an authority by creating thoughtful, original content on a regular basis. Make sure it engages with your audience for best results.

5. Encourage Reviews

If great content is a pillar of marketing, reviews are the foundation. Even today, most businesses thrive off of reviews, as most customers find them as useful as a personal recommendation for a friend.

Your brand should have pages on any and all relevant review sites.

6. Generate Discussions

The best way to encourage customers to engage and interact with your brand is to generate discussion.

This can be done through content, social media posts, and simple conversations.

7. Talk To Your Fans

Social media may as well be a gift from the gods of marketing themselves.

But if you’re not using it to actually engage with your fans, what’s the point? Don’t forget to respond to users on your social pages, even if it’s just popping in for a quick ‘Thanks for the review!’ or to answer a question.

The modern customer demands that brands be accessible.

8. Cherish Negative Reviews

Believe it or not, even online reviews can help you build online reputation.

While it may be tempting to respond with a snarky comment or remove the review entirely, it’s best to leave it up.

A negative review gives you the chance to show the public what type of brand you are. By listening to the customer’s complaint and valuing their feedback, you’ll show the public that you actually care about what their opinion.

You may even be able to win back a potentially lost customer.

9. Follow Your Audience

You may feel that you don’t need an Instagram page or a Snapchat account. But if your audience uses those platforms regularly, you should, too.

Your brand needs to be everywhere your customers are.

10. Experiment With Different Platforms

Don’t be afraid to try different types of marketing. From video marketing to infographics to good old blog posts, there are plenty of ways you can market your brand.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Reputation is everything. Are you doing everything you can to build your brand’s online reputation?

If not, get in touch with Rebel Fish Local today. We specialize in helping brands just like yours connect with their audience. So contact us today — your audience is waiting.


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