How to Send the Perfect Survey Email

Are you planning to send email surveys to your clients? If so, how will you make sure your respondents participate in your survey?

One of the greatest benefits of email surveys is that they give you an insight into your entire client base. But how can you create a survey email that clients will want to read and respond to?

It’s hard work, to be honest. But the good news is that it can be done.

Here’s a guide that can help to make your target audiences respond to your email survey.

Come up with an Engaging Subject Line

The average response rate for email surveys falls somewhere between 10% and 15%.

The low response rate is because most emails requesting for clients’ feedback have unexciting subject lines and uninspiring messages. Customers rarely feel compelled to respond or participate in the surveys.

If you want your clients to respond your survey, make sure your email has an attention-grabbing subject line.

There are no general rules here. But you should avoid being too splashy. Make sure your subject line is short, descriptive, and give the respondent a good reason to open and respond to the email.

Start with a Positive Solicitation

Starting a survey with a positive solicitation can help marketers improve their response rate dramatically.

But that’s not all. Another study asserted that starting a survey with an affirmative solicitation increased spending behaviors by nearly 33%. You should, therefore, make sure your email survey focuses on some positive aspects of your business.

Ensure the Email Looks Great

Make sure your email survey helps to improve your brand reputation. It should convey credibility, professionalism and compel your respondents to read and participate in the study.

Try out a couple of email designs to determine which one will make your emails look good. Also, choose a responsive design that does not overshadow the message.

Explain the Purpose of the Survey Email

Your clients are more likely to respond to your email surveys when they understand their purpose.

It’s important to explain to the respondents how you intend to use the feedback. For instance, you can tell them you’ll use the feedback to improve the quality of products or services.

Let Your Respondents Know How Long a Survey Will Take

Don’t use words like “brief” when explaining how long a survey will take. Your clients will be disappointed if your “brief” survey takes longer than they expect.

Be precise.

Telling a respondent the exact time it’ll take them to fill out a survey is persuasive and will allow them to plan their time.

Ensure your survey is not too long. It should also have a deadline to create urgency and dissuade procrastination.


It’s important to ensure the email survey connect with your respondents at a personal level.

You can do this by including the first name of the respondent in the email.

Personalizing your surveys will make your respondents feel special and valued, and this will make them click and participate in your study.

Wrapping Up

Yes, coming up with a survey email that your clients will respond to can be difficult. But that should not intimidate you. Follow the tips highlighted above, and your response rate will increase dramatically.

If you have some questions or need help, you can get in touch with us. We can help you with more tips and outstanding marketing services.


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