Internet Reputation: Why Does it Matter?

You may not be aware of how your internet image is affecting your life.

But, whether you realize it or not, you can be sure that it is.

Did you know that up to 85-90% of people in charge of hiring use the internet to research applicants?

Their decisions are likely influenced by what they find out online. 

Almost everyone can agree that our online presence is central to the image we create for ourselves.

Do you realize that your internet reputation might be as important as your physical reputation, possibly even more so?

Why does your online reputation matter?

Let’s take a look why your internet image matters in your professional life. What does your reputation online say about you?

What is your internet reputation is saying about you?

Before you meet someone face to face, they may already know a lot about you. 

The internet could be sharing more than you think

Everyone, from a blind date to your mother-in-law, can find out almost anything about you with a few clicks. This includes your employer and professional network. 

If you are not taking precautions to keep your online reputation intact, you might be sending out the wrong message.

First impressions that are made from information gathered on the internet could be impacting your life in more ways than you know.

If you didn’t get called for an interview, or never made it past the first date with someone when you thought you would…your online reputation might be to blame.

Unfortunately, old mistakes can still haunt you in the age of the internet.

Social media has made it easy to find much more personal information than ever before.

That’s why experts recommend that you be proactive in your approach.

3 Tips to maintain your internet reputation

Check out the following tips to make sure your internet image isn’t holding you back.

1. Tidy up your social media accounts

Delete any compromising photos on social media accounts. 

Scroll through and get rid of any off color or overly controversial posts.

A good rule of thumb: If you don’t want your boss to see it, don’t put it out there.

2. Keep an eye on your professional brand

Practice damage control by watching threads on professional accounts. If any derogatory comments are made, respond immediately.

Your professional brand requires your consistent attention.

3. Take action to remove negative search results

Even old news can still show up in search results.

Someone can find out about a legal issue or negative credit decision from years ago.

If the issue has been resolved, you may be able to have the information removed easily.

You can contact the site administrator and request that disparaging news or reports be deleted.

If you are SEO savvy, you can try reverse SEO to clean up negative search results.


In the professional world, your internet reputation matters. 

This is especially true if most or some of the work that you do is not in person.

Staying on guard and keeping your online image clean will help your professional and personal life.


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