How To Plan A Marketing Calendar

Liz Cortes shares how to plan a marketing calendar in 5 simple steps. Having a marketing calendar will help you to keep focused, decrease stress, and not miss out when a holiday like Small Business Saturday comes around.

How to plan a marketing calendar starts with knowing your ideal customer and what they are looking for when they want to purchase a product or service from you.

They may be looking for a good deal, some reviews, or a specific product or service to help them get whiter teeth.

It’s also important to plan a marketing calendar 12 months in advance. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could choose a monthly theme or focus your marketing around the holiday that month. But sitting down with your team is what you’ve got to do before 2018 starts.

If you’d like help with what I shared in the video, I’d love to meet with you and have my team create a new complementary $500 social media background cover for your brick and mortar business.

Pick the style you like best

Next, someone on my team will give you a call to set up a time to meet on the computer to talk about your 2018 marketing calendar and give you some ideas for your local business.

Not ready to meet yet?

Friday’s I do a Facebook Live called “Get Focused With Liz” and I post them up over here and on YouTube right after.

Monday’s on LinkedIn and Instagram I do a 10 video series called “Local Marketing Minute” this month we are taking about what to do when you get bad online reviews. Last month we talked about how to get more positive online reviews.


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