Project Management Workflow For A New Website

Want a new website and trying to do it yourself?

Here’s our project management workflow to help you keep sane and launch a website in 90-days that makes people take action.

This morning I met with an architect who wants to launch a website. She said that she just wants a simple website with a portfolio page, service page, and blog. Immediately, I could see what would make the biggest difference for her.

Most small business owners skip this important step.

They skip over to building the website themselves or hiring someone to build it.

But you are a smart marketer so don’t skip creating a clear message so your website followers take action.

If you skip the messaging and writing the copy for the Wireframe then most likely you will be wasting your time and money building a website that won’t work. This is why so many people are frustrated that their website doesn’t work. Yes, this takes a little bit more time but its worth it!

When a new client buys a website package from us we take them through 3 phases:
  1. Message
  2. Wireframe
  3. Web Design

Many days I feel like I just do project management. Workflows like what I share in these 12 steps help you keep on track and not skip over important details. It also helps you to not feel overwhelmed.

?? Keep reading or if you are a visual learner, watch this Facebook Live I did the other day. ??

It has extra project management workflow tips than what I cover below. Like the 3 places, clients get hung up being a perfectionist.

12 Project Management Workflow Steps that will help you create a website that works.
  1. Listen to this short podcast and/or read the Building A StoryBrand book
  2. Go through StoryBrand Messaging Framework course over at Business Made Simple University.
  3. Schedule a BrandScript Review call with me. I’ll review your BrandScript to make sure you did it right.
  4. Go through Module 1 and 2 of Marketing Made Simple course over at Business Made Simple University.
  5. I give away a homepage wireframe template at our Marketing Lab that will make it easier for you to write your website copy and make sure you put everything in the best spots.
  6. Do keyword research. I like to use KWFinder. when we work with a new client we find 20 keywords for them to use as their first 20 blog posts or use for their homepage or service pages. This is important for WordPress self-hosted websites.
  7. Use Google Docs as you write your website copy.
  8. Make a wireframe. We use this tool Draftium I copy/paste the words from the Google Doc to this software before I show the client)
  9. Use the wireframe to help you build the website. Or give this to your web developer so they get the layout right.
  10. Go through Module 3 and 4 of Marketing Made Simple Business Made Simple University.
  11. DM me and I’ll review your lead gen PDF ideas for your local business.
  12. Create your lead gen PDF and write the emails.
I’m excited to see what you create!

There are a lot of steps to follow but doing them in this order you will make sure you are using your time wisely.

This whole process takes 90 days.

At your small business who is the best at project management? Workflows that you can repeat 1000x times with only 10% of the effort is what a coach challenged me to do when I was just getting started.

This year I even created a better workflow for our Cuban Christmas and 4 days of having people over. Read the blog or watch the Facebook Live. This is Part 1, I referred to in the Facebook Live.


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