Dental Video Marketing – 5 Steps To Do It Yourself

Dental video marketing has become cheaper and easier to do yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an office manager, marketing manager, or practice owner keep reading. These are top social media platforms to post videos on; YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you still aren’t sure about dental video marketing, these stats changed my husband and business partner Robert’s mind.

76% of businesses & marketers surveyed says that video marketing helped increase website traffic. – Hubspot

81% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video – Wyzowl

Busines using video grow company revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than organizations without.- Wyzowl

80% of users can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. – Hubspot

More than 75% of users have visited a company’s website after watching one of their videos ads onsocial media. – Wyzowl

Dental Video Marketing – 5 Steps To Do It Yourself

Dental video marketing helps to connect with new patients and current patients. You are probably thinking that creating a video is hard but if you keep it simple and follow these 5 steps I know you will be able to do it yourself as I did 10 years ago. There is no point in spending money on paid advertising if you don’t do these 5 steps first.

Step 1: Do Keyword Research

Just like I did research before writing this blog and filming the YouTube video to go along with it, you must do it too. Yes, its tedious and no one likes doing it. But what’s the point of filming a video if no one will see it?

There are lots of tools you can use but these are some of my favorites.

  • KWFinder (I use this one the most)
  • SEMRush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • YouTube

Think like your ideal patient and what are they typing in on Google, Facebook, or their maps app on their phone?

Here’s what Google suggested I was looking for when I started typing:

  • dentist near me
  • point loma dentist
  • kids dentist la jolla
  • braces san deigo

Trying to get a video to rank on page 1 of google for these tough SEO (search engine optimization) keywords is really hard to do yourself. So let’s get a bit more specific with our keyword research which will make it easier to get your YouTube video to rank.

Make a list of the top 3 most profitable services you offer.

Here are some ideas:

  • Whitening Services
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canal
  • Invisalign

Once you find some keywords that are specific, do a quick google search to see if any other dental practices have videos on page 1 of Google. Google only lets 3 videos show on page 1 for each keyword right now.

If you’d like me to make a step by step video of how I do this, leave me a comment below.

Step 2: Pick 1 Place To Put Your Video & Write An Outline

You may be thinking, wait I thought we were talking about dental video marketing strategies. This is all part of it. So keep reading.

Where will you put your video?

There are different expectations and rules depending on which social media platform you choose to post on.

Let’s say you want to put this video on a blog on your website. Then you’d want to film your video horizontally on your phone and upload it to YouTube then put that URL in your blog post.

But if you are wanting to film a video for an Instagram (IG) post. You need to make it square so it looks prettier in your grid. This will take a bit more editing work. But keep reading and I’ll share the software I use to make my weekly #LocalMarketingMinute IG post videos. An IG post video has to be less than 60 seconds or it won’t let you post it there.

Then if you want to post your video on IGTV then you need to vertically film on your phone or edit your horizontal video to make it vertical. The video needs to be less than 10 minutes long.

So you can see why it is important to first choose where you are going to post your video before you start filming.

Make an outline or memorize a script?

I’ve done this both ways. If you are doing a 15-second video for your IG story or a 60-second video then its easy to write and memorize a script to make sure you quickly say everything you want to.

But if you want to film a 3, 5, or 10-minute video for YouTube or IGTV then using an outline will feel the most natural and it will flow easily. You are the dental expert or you work for the expert so be confident!

People learn best if you give then 1-3 points MAX. Yes, I’m writing a 5-step article here but there is no way I could get dental video marketing steps down to less than this. I would have really liked to write about 20 steps and get really advanced but most of my readers would get bored and give up because it’s too complicated.

Step 3: Connect Your Microphone & Find A Window With Natural Light

Let’s talk about your audio.

Audio is more important than how your video looks. If your video looks bad people will still listen to it. But if your audio is bad then no one will stay on for the whole thing.

At minimum plug in your earbuds that came with your phone. Or you can by a less than $30 mic on Amazon. I like doing interviews so I got this one. I had to also buy an iPhone adapter too. I keep this in my purse along with a mini diva ring light and a mini tripod so I’m always ready to film.

Why natural light?

Natural light will make your videos looks the best. Yes, finding a quiet well-lit spot in your dental office can be tough but you could come in early or film outside.

Make sure that you face the window. NEVER put the window behind you. Your lighting will look terrible.

For beginners, natural light will be the easiest to work with. Then when you start filming more regularly you can invest in a diva ring light or 3 box light set.

Step 4: Use Simple Video Editing Software

To keep your video editing simple, only chop off the beginning and the end. If you are filming by yourself then you’ll have to do this so the video doesn’t show you getting into your spot to film after pushing record or when you move close to turn off the recording. No one wants to see this. If you have someone pushing start and stop for the recording then you may not need to edit.

10-years ago I had a PC and was on a budget so I used Windows Media Player to edit my videos.

Now I have a MacBook Pro and I still really like iMovie because it’s so simple and free. I use iMovie desktop version to chop off the beginning and the end. There are free classes at the Apple Store that can teach you how to use it on your desktop or mobile phone.

To make the square video for IG I’ve been using Wave.Video Its been simple to use and now I’ve taught Masielle (our lead fulfillment gal) how to edit them. I like this software because I can also make a version for FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube plus add royalty-free music, text, or CTA (call to action) at the end of the video.

Don’t get overwhelmed in this step. You can get super fancy with your dental video marketing but you can also keep it simple. If you aren’t posting a weekly video then follow my simple steps and don’t get stuck on this part.

Step 5: Dental Video Marketing Externally

Let’s stick with our example of getting your YouTube video to rank on page 1 of Google for your keyword for 1 of your top most profitable services and your local city like Dental Implants Point Loma. If you try to go for Dental Implants San Diego that is a very competitive keyword and you most likely can’t rank for it unless you pay an SEO company and they do a whole 6-9 month strategy.

Choose a smaller local area around your practice if you are in a city greater than 500k people will be your best shot at getting your video to show up on page 1 of Google.

Choose Your Title

Dental Implants Point Loma sounds boring so you want to spice but try to keep your keywords at the beginning of your YouTube title. Here’s what the current video titles are.

Add your description.

Check out how we do our YouTube descriptions. My template is then I write a sentence with the keywords right away. I don’t make it exactly like the title you want to change it up some. Then just like a blog post write 3-5 paragraphs using your keywords sprinkled throughout.

Write a blog post to go with your video.

You can get a transcript made and just upload that as a blog or take the time to write a blog post like I did here. You can give more information to your current or new patient that is reading more after watching your video.

 Other ways to do dental video marketing.

If you send a monthly newsletter to your patients you can add you video blog links. You can also share your YouTube links on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. But remember many of the social media platforms want you to NEVER leave their app so if you share YouTube links on Facebook they most likely won’t show your post to many people.

If you are wanting to focus on posting IG videos then you can run a promoted post to your video to get more views to current followers or “lookalike audience” similar to your current followers. You can also do retargeting. Yep, that got pretty complicated.

If you’d like me to film a step by step video talking about this, leave me a comment below.

Let’s Wrap Things Up In A Pretty Christmas Bow

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and make your dental practice better. If you follow these 5 dental video marketing steps, I know you will get more patients to buy more profitable services and you will get more new patients.

From time to time we have spots open for free or discounted video services. This month we have time in our production schedule to create a free 30-second online commercial for your practice.

I’d love to see the videos you create so tag me @lizcortesonline or @rebelfishlocal so I get notified to watch.


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