5 Dental SEO Tips Your Practice Needs to Know About

To be sure that your dental clinic is able to keep putting smiles on people’s faces, you’ll need to manage your search engine optimization practices.

The way you handle dental SEO can be the difference between having a site that is booming and responsive to Google, and one that just kind of squeaks by. To get started revolutionizing your site for search engine performance, use these five tips.

1. Start A Blog

You stand to gain a lot of points with Google when you have a dental SEO blog that you can update on a regular basis.

Make sure that you create evergreen content for your blog and talk about issues that are relatable to your audience and your area of business. You can provide dental tips, in-depth knowledge about teeth and gums, dental insurance information and so much more.

A blog provides great traffic for your business site, which will eventually bring in new business.

2. Brand Yourself To Stand Out

Since there are plenty of dentists that offer service, you’ll need to create a brand that is trusted and recognizable.

Once you have your site up and running, consider promoting across channels so that you can increase your clicks and traffic. Be sure that you update regularly with news that’s relevant to the dental industry.

Above all, be sure that you know who you are as a company so you can express yourself and provide value.

3. Be Diligent When Selecting Your Keywords

Start using some tools that help you choose keywords that will pack a punch when bringing in organic traffic. Using Google keyword planner is a great start since this exposes you to the search terms that are most useful in your field.

Using keyword planner tools help you to not only figure out which keywords are the most useful but how, where, and how often you should place them.

4. Choose Great Links And Place Them Wisely

Incorporating useful links into your web content is another great way to get your dental SEO up to par.

Using the right links organically throughout your content will let you be sure you’re doing everything possible to increase your reach. Make sure that you also choose anchor text keywords that are relevant and useful in getting you local results.

5. Hire A Firm For SEO Help

It’s important for you to hire a firm that will help you get great dental SEO results. These professionals can choose keywords, execute strategies and ensure that you’re producing regular content that will give you search engine results that count.

By having the support of a firm near you, you’ll not only get great marketing help, you’ll enhance your site for local optimization.

Dental SEO: Wrap Up

When looking for a search engine optimization professional that can assist your dental practice, make sure to give us a try. We serve dentists and other professionals in and around the San Diego area and would be happy to do business with you.

To learn more, contact us and let us answer any questions.


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